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A woman is much more than beautiful face walking around on high heels

Manama, Sept. 12 (BNA): Young women should have goals in their lives, work diligently to achieve them, no matter how long it takes and how hard the endeavor is, a successful doctor has said.

“We should live for a bigger value, a bigger goal, have an important role of use in society as women, not only as beautiful images walking around on high heels,” Dr. Mariam Baqi, a consultant dermatologist, said.  

The Arab Board certified doctor who achieved the high score in the Arab world in 2011 and who has a Fellowship in clinical dermatology and a Fellowship in cosmetic/dermatology New York 2016, is often seen as a role model for many young women whom are looking up to her.  She appreciates their stance and is willing to pass on her knowledge, share her experiences and provide motivation and inspiration.

“When I joined the residency, I was the mother of one child. I was establishing my forte in the field of dermatology and starting my family. My biggest obstacles when I joined the department of dermatology for my board were to balance between my social life and my commitments towards my husband, my son and my family and friends and the need to be a good dermatologist and a good resident.

 Everybody had high expectations and looked in me for a friendly face with a large smile, doing everything perfectly."

It was not so easy and there were challenges.

“Being an Arab woman from the Middle East and a Muslim wearing a headscarf meant a heap of prejudices and bias that I had to face bravely and overcome successfully. It took me around three months to fit in and prove that I am different, that my look does not define me and that actually I may exceed all the expectations. Thank God, that is what happened,” Mariam said.

Success had no limits for her and today, as a woman, mother and doctor who has achieved so much, she still looks to more accomplishments in all areas.

“Career-wise, I am aiming to build a legacy of my own, to be number one in my specialty. Not in Bahrain, but in the Arabian Gulf region. I want to build a practice that is based on science and art with my own signature. There is no such thing as perception, of course, but rather striving to reach perfection,” she said.

“The other thing is I wish that my kids would look at me as the best mother, the perfect mother, who is a role model for them and giving them an example that empowers them to choose their dreams and still be fully committed to their family."

For Mariam, ethics are highly crucial and maintaining science and art behind her practice is very important.

"Patients must be treated and looked at as humans not as money generating machines”.

Her advice for a better life involves great planning, strong determination, hard work, and endless aspiration.

“Just believe in yourself and work for something of value, something that is truly meaningful. Try to spread positivity and try to spread something of value around the girls and inspire other women. This is how we ensure we have a strong feminine community."