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Princess Sabeeka’s role in empowering women hailed by speaker

Manama, Aug. 21 (BNA): Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla, has asserted that the Bahraini women’s landmark achievementts and pivotal role, embedded in His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s pioneering Reform Project, are the fruitful outcome of the tremendous efforts exerted by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of His Majesty the King and President of the Supreme Council for WOmen (SCW).

He pointed out that HRH Princess Sabeeka’s distinguished role in dealing with with women’s issues and keenness to empower Bahraini women in the economic, social, professional, political fields, among others, have drawn attention to those issues and contributed to bringing about a giant leap regarding women’s participation in those fields.

In a statement marking the SCW’s anniversary, the speaker stressed that the SCW’s establishment represented a turning point for the Bahraini women in various fields thanks to HRH Princess Sabeeka’s unwavering support for women, noting that the SCW brings together high-profile women figures with expertise who represent various social spectra in the kingdom.

Al-Mulla asserted that the goals set by the SCW represented a big challenge in many Arab societies, but were possible in the kingdom since the beginning of HM the King’s prosperous era as they were among the principles embedded in the Constitution and the National Action Charter which guarantee equality between men and women in all rights and duties.


Such principles have improved the Bahrain women’s status, and facilitated their access to various posts as essential partners to men in enhancing the kingdom’s development and progress, he said.

The speaker affirmed that Bahraini women have, throughout history, participated in various aspects of public life and contributed to making a Bahraini society whose members embrace distinguished religious and moral values, and are capable of leadership at the highest levels, citing Bahraini women’s success stories in the past and the present.

Al-Mulla affirmed that the SCW, through implementing its women-related national strategy and various programmes, have contributed to bringing about a quantum leap in enhancing the Bahraini women’s status and ensuring care for both motherhood and childhood, highlighting the SCW’s role in issues related to the family, social, economic and political empowerment, citing the issuance of the Unified Family Law last year.

The speaker underlined the Representatives Council’s keenness on cooperating with the SCW concerning all fields related to women and children, particularly regaring the relevant international treaties and conventions, as well as the periodic reports presented by Bahrain in various international gatherings.

He affirmed that the Bahraini women, thanks to the support of HRH Princess Sabeeka, have succeeded in leading women, at the Arab and international levels, in various scientific, technical, sports and creative fields, as proved by figures and facts.

The speaker wished the SCW, under the leadership of HRH Princess Sabeeka, further success, expressing hope that cooperation and coordination between the SCW and the Council of Representatives will continue to attain more achievements that serve the nation.