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"Theatre and Post Humanity" make notable recommendations

Manama, Sept. 10 (BNA): The conference "Theatre and Post Humanity" concluded after the participation of a group of researchers, playwrights and critics on September 6-7 as part of the 1st Al Sawari International Youth Theatre Festival.


The participants included many personalities involved in the theatrical research. They included Bahrain's Dr. Nader Kadem, Hussain Al Riffaie, Abdulla Al Sadawi. International participants included were , Dr Faisal Al Qahtani (Kuwait), Nayef Al Baqmi (Saudi Arabia), Mohammed Al Rubi (Egypt), Dr. Abdullah Al Aber (Kuwait), Nora Amin (Egypt), Ahmed Khamis (Egypt), Dr. Mahmood Saeed and Dr. Haleem Al Masoudi (Tunisia), Roberta Levetow (USA). 


The participants, after extensive discussions throughout the sessions, acknowledged that the "Theatre and Post Humanity" is a provocative term that responds to the characterisation of the reality of the theatre today in the world.


They stressed that the theatre as a unique human expression is not isolated from the sweeping transformations embodied in the tyranny of modern communication technology, and the accompanying evolutionary change in the human relationship with the world and the environment.


The participants suggested replacing the post-human character with the term post-humanist because it contains a universal sense of philosophy that recognises that human is the centre of the universe.


The attendees pointed to the need of the Arab theatre today for an intellectual and philosophical "immune system".


They underscored the need to create a research unit that will be the nucleus of the establishment of an international research centre belongs to Al Sawari Theatre.