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Russia condemns terrorist attacks in Israel
06 : 21 PM - 18/05/2003
MOSCOW, May 18 (BNA) -- Russia condemned on Sunday the "terrorist operations" that took place in Jerusalem and Hebron and praised the meeting that grouped Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas.
The foreign ministry spokesman, in a statement, condemned the "terrorist operations" that tragetted Israeli nationals in Jerusalem and Hebron and called on the international community to intensify efforts to combat terrorism and activate peace efforts for the Mideast.
He added that the latest Palestinian-Israeli meeting constituted a crucial step in efforts, being exerted by the Palestinian National Authority and Israel, with aid of the quartet, to stop the violence and resume peace negotiations, on basis of the road map.
He called on Israel and the Palestinian authoritr to remain committed to this plan because it is currently the sole scheme to halt the violence.

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