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New discovery in Awam cemetery Marib
10 : 30 PM - 06/03/2005
Sana'a, Mar. 5 (BNA) A cemetery of Awam temple in Marib province was made for more than 20,000 bodies, a German archeological team stated on Saturday. During a meeting with deputy governor of Marib, deputy manager of the Sana'a German Archeological Institute Holgar Hithgan said that an anthropological study revealed that the average age of the bodies found in the graveyard is between 45 and 55 years old.
The team has started excavation works in the cemetery since 1997.
The cemetery is dated back to the 7th century BC.
On the other hand, in the meeting with the deputy governor, the team offered a study on the ancient irrigation system map and correcting the pictures included in the map by using GBS system in Al- Jafinah valley.
The study will be finalized in March 18.
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