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Statistics reveal dwindling unemployment in Bahrain
08 : 23 PM - 25/03/2006
Manama, March 25, (BNA) Results of registration in the National Employment Programme, revealed that the number of those enrolled so far in the project was much lower than the figures predicted by Labour Ministry officials which is a palpable indication on the remarkably declining unemployment rates in Bahrain.
According to labour market field studies, the number of those enrolled in the employment programme is predicted to top nearly 65% of the current job seekers who are reckoned at around 18735.
These figures show that unemployment rate in Bahrain has remarkably fallen from 15% in 1998 to nearly 5.4% in 2005 which is a slight and highly predictable rate, lower than those in many other countries.
Statistics show that Bahrain's unemployment rate in 1998 was much higher than those in European constitutional monarchies as the kingdom used to have an unenviable rate of 15% compared with only 3.1% in Luxembourg, 3.2% in Norway, 3.4% in Switzerland, 4.2% in the Netherlands, 4.8% in Denmark, 5.7% in Austria, 6.2% in he United Kingdom, 6.5% in Sweden, 9.3% in Belgium and 14.6% in Spain.
The results of the national project for employment according to regular reports on its performance shows the existence of 13939 unemployed people while 987 job seekers rejected to register according to the standards of the project.
Minister of labor Dr.
Majeed Al Alawi told Bahrain News Agency that the next stage of training and employment scheme which already started on 1st of March , will be crucial, wishing the 18 - month project success to put an end to the unemployment problem.
Alawi added that there were 6000 job vacancies at the private sectors, the date of which already stored in the computers systems of the Ministry of labor in addition to 1800 job vacancies at the governmental sector which have not been yet listed.
The Minister added that the increasing investments in the Kingdom will create job opportunities for the citizens in the coming years which will necessitate an increase in training programs.
HM the King was briefed on the progress of the project, Dr.
Alawi said.
This decrease in unemployment rate is basically the result of the gigantic economic boom witnessed by the kingdom during the prosperous rule of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the introduction of several pioneering economic reforms and adoption of economic policies, aimed at attaining high economic growth rates and appropriating higher portions of the national income to citizens as well as stabilizing prices.
These wise economic choices broadened the production base, and increased the volume of non-oil exports, developed citizen-oriented services and enhanced the national economy's competitiveness which in its turn reinforced Bahrain's position as a financial and commercial hub in the region.
These reforms also provided more jobs for citizens, promoted the investment climate, opened the door to foreign investments, achieved high development rates and encouraged the private sector, leading to more affluence and improved living standards and ultimately slashed down unemployment rates.

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