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10 : 49 PM - 05/09/2010
Manama Sep 05 (BNA) Following reports of the arrest of Ali Abdulemam, referred to as a blogger, Bahrain’s Ministry of the Interior released the following statement:
"Ali Abdulemam was arrested on Saturday 4th September as part of the ongoing investigation into the terrorist network accused of planning and executing a campaign of violence, intimidation and subversion in Bahrain.
As part of this investigation compelling evidence emerged connecting Ali Abdulemam directly to this network.
"Any assumption that Mr.Abdulemam has been arrested purely on the basis of any political views he may hold is entirely inaccurate and is connected solely to evidence of his involvement with senior members of the terrorist network.
"On Saturday 4th September, Bahrain’s National Security Agency requested that Mr Abdulemam come in for interview.
Following this request, Mr Abdulemam attempted to flee the country and was arrested at Bahrain International Airport under the Protection of the Community Against Terrorism Act 2006 and has been presented to the Director of Public Prosecution.
"At present authorities are continuing to investigate the full extent of Mr Abdulemam’s involvement in the terrorist plot and his detention will continue to be fully in-line with international standards as well as in strict adherence to Bahraini law." A H N BNA 1742 GMT 2010/09/05
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