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No Compromise on National Security and Safety, HRH Prince Salman Vowed
10 : 31 PM - 13/03/2011
Manama - Mar 13 (BNA) -- The Kingdom of Bahrain has today rejected any compromise on its security and stability. "The right to security and stability transcends any other consideration", His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander said. He voiced the strong stance following the regrettable incidents which gripped Bahrain today. "Out of our responsibility before Allah Almighty and His Majesty the King and the people of Bahrain, we strongly affirm that the right of security and safety is above all considerations", he said.

He stressed that legitimate demands shall not be made to the detriment of Bahrain’s security and stability. HRH Prince Salman pointed out that his earnest call to observe calm and self-restraint aimed to preserve security and stability. "The initiative aimed to foil the designs of those who wanted to damage others’ interests and future", he said. The true power, he said, resides in observing self-restraint and building up on the reform project, which was initiated by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. "Bahrain people has long shown patience, power and forbearance over the last period- thus reflecting its good and authentic mettle and its earnest desire for a free and decent life in an atmosphere of security and stability", HRH Prince Salman said. "This can be achieved only by respecting the rule of the law and protecting civil peace and security", he said. HRH Prince Salman affirmed that the security of Bahrain and the safety and national unity of its people will never be subject to any party’s compromise. He highlighted his strenuous efforts to reach out to all parties and sections of the national spectrum in a bid to gauge their viewpoints and opinions regarding national issues. "The effort stems from our firm commitment to launch a comprehensive national dialogue", HRH Prince Salman said. "We embarked on the initiative, answering the call of duty, and are still reaching out to all parties desiring to engage in a national dialogue with the active sections of Bahraini society", he said, adding that the initiative aimed to open the door for constitutional, political, economic and social issues to be scrutinized in deep insight. "We have voiced our approval of all the principles which have been tabled for the national dialogue", he pointed out. These include: 1)an elected parliament with full vested powers and prerogatives 2) A government reflecting the will of people 3) fairly-demarcated electoral constituencies-4)Naturalization-5)Combating financial and administrative corruption - 6) State properties -7) Addressing sectarian polarization and animosities, in addition to other principles and topics. HRH Prince Salman underscored the importance of responding immediately to his call, urging parties keen on peace, security and reform to engage in a multiparty national dialogue, thus ensuring a prosperous and bright future for all Bahrainis. He affirmed that he would not have any objection against holding a referendum on any agreement reached in the national dialogue, adding that such plebiscite would reflect the unified stance of people - being the final arbiters. "We have always strongly opposed any internecine hostility between Bahrainis", HRH Prince Salman said, praying Allah Almighty to unite the hearts of all Bahrainis with the bond of love, protect Bahrain to be forever proud and bless the efforts of its sons-for national security, stability and unity to be consolidated.


BNA 1924 GMT 2011/03/13

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