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Two Security Officers Killed today , Says Interior Ministry
07 : 16 PM - 16/03/2011

Manama, March 16. (BNA) – Public Security forces, in cooperation with the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF), today went to the GCC Roundabout and removed the barricades off the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue, announced the Spokesman of the Interior Ministry in a statement released today.

After that, the forces headed to the roundabout and gave the squatters ample time to leave the site, he added.

"During the evacuation operation, the forces came across many ambushes set by the rioters in order to hinder the advancement of the troops," he added, explaining that the protestors put up barricades, burnt tents and exploded gas cylinders, which resulted in a heavy smoke in the area.

He also said that the troops were fired at from different sides and run over by cars, which led to the martyrdom of two members, noting that a number of criminals were arrested following their hideous crimes.

"The security forces carried out the evacuation operation carefully for the sake of safeguarding the lives of those present at the Roundabout," the Interior Ministry's Spokesman affirmed, noting that criminal evidence experts are collecting evidence in order to take the necessary legal procedures.

Meanwhile, he added, another regiment encircled the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC), cleaned it from the barricades and removed the ambulances parked at the entrance in order to stop forcing from moving and entered the complex successfully and removed the tents and all chaos manifestations.

In conclusion, he pledged that any developments on the ground will be announced on time.

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