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Dr Al Zayani Slams Blatant Iranian Interference
05 : 55 PM - 02/04/2011
Riyadh – Apr 02 (BN) - The GCC General-Secretary Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani has today slammed the incessant blatant Iranian interference in the Gulf countries’ internal affairs, thus jeopardizing regional and stability. Dr. Al-Zayani condemned the unfounded and unjustified accusations regarding Saudi Arabia, issued by the so-called Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy, of the Iranian Assembly.

He vehemently rejected the call to withdraw the Peninsula Shield forces, dismissing it as blatant interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs. "The forces have been dispatched in Bahrain following the criminal plot, supported from abroad, to subvert Bahrain’s security and stability and topple its legitimate political regime", he said. He slammed the Iranian statement for comparing the deployment of the Peninsula Shield forces in Bahrain with Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. "The presence of the Peninsula Shield forces in Bahrain is legitimate and legal, based on the sovereign demand of the Kingdom of Bahrain and in line of the GCC joint military pacts", he said, citing particularly the GCC defence cooperation agreement and the internal law covenants. "The deployment of the Peninsula Shield in Bahrain has earned been welcomed and understood in the Arab, regional and international arenas, whereas Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait was a flagrant aggression and colonization of an independent and sovereign Arab country", he said, adding all the international community rallied to condemn the invasion of Kuwait unanimously and allied to liberate Kuwait. Dr. Al-Zayani expressed his dismay and condemnation of the incessant Iranian blatant interference in the GCC member states’ internal affairs. He described the Iranian spy cell, which had been busted in Kuwait as yet another round of blatant Iranian interferences in the GCC affairs. "Any attempt to subvert Kuwait’s security and stability would directly target GCC’s security and stability and go against the principles of good neighbourliness", he said. He reiterated the GCC country’s firm commitment to the principle of good neighbourliness in their relations with all countries, particularly Iran itself, so as to preserve the joint interests of all countries in the Southern hemisphere. "The GCC is cohesive organisation and will always spare no efforts to protect the security and stability of its countries and peoples", he said. He pointed out that the GCC, which does not meddle in others’ business, refuses, likewise, any interference in its internal affairs


BNA 1324 GMT 2011/04/02

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