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Al-Wasat Board of Directors Sacks Al-Jamri And Appoints Abidli Al-Abidli
09 : 49 PM - 03/04/2011
Manama –Apr 03 (BNA) -- Bahraini daily Al-Wasat board of directors has today named Abidli Al-Abidli as editor-in-chief, taking over from Mansoor Al-Jamri. The board of directors had earlier decided to sack Al-Wasat editor-in-chief Mansour Al-Jamri, managing editor Walid Nouwaihidh, and head of local news department Aqeel Mirza. The panel has also decided to elect a new board of directors within a month. Meanwhile, the Information Affairs Authority has decided to allow Al-Wasat to republish as per tomorrow -Monday. Bahrain Television aired last night a compelling programme which exposed Al- Wasat dangerous irregularities, amounting to fallacies, including forgery, lies and falsification of events during the unrest which gripped Bahrain recently. Al-Wasat plagiarism and falsification sowed confusion and defamed Bahrain’s image, whether inside the Kingdom or abroad.


BNA 1741 GMT 2011/04/03

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