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Kuwaiti sources reveal Iranian scheme
04 : 07 PM - 04/04/2011

Kuwait, April 4 (BNA) -- Gulf security sources revealed to a Kuwaiti newspaper, crucial chapters of Iran’s scheme aimed not only at the Kingdom of Bahrain but all Arab Gulf States. An important chapter targeted Kuwait, whereas the spy network that was recently captured represents less than a fraction of the whole Iranian scheme, that had bigger plans to occupy some islands in Kuwait and the Gulf, through marine intervention under the pretext of protecting Shiites in Bahrain.

During the GCC Foreign Ministers meeting that was held yesterday in Riyadh, Kuwaiti and Bahraini security services provided their ministers with information on the whole conspiratorial scheme. Therefore, recommendations were arranged in this regard and would be transformed into executive decisions afterwards. The GCC plan on sharing these decisions with the world.

The sources clarified that implementations of the scheme have already started several months ago. Hence, the chaos in Bahrain was a beginning of the hostile scenario created to shake the internal stability in Bahrain. Deliberate disorder continued nearly three weeks , giving Iranian and other Arab media enough time to make the situation look like Shiites are being terminated in the Kingdom. An attempt to convince the world that Bahrain’s government is practicing racist discrimination against a particular sector, to justify calling Iran for help. Eventually, leading Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces to impose a marine embargo on the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC countries, moreover, occupy some islands to enforce a new approach in the region.

Fortunately, the scheme failed. Bahraini political leadership disclosed facts and information explaining Bahrain’s intents and the measures taken in this regard, especially the use of the Peninsula shield troops to protect the Kingdom from Persian intrusion . Those facts were shared with the world, especially major countries, the European Union and the Human Rights organizations.


BNA 1152 GMT 2011/04/04

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