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Statement by the Ministry of Justice about Al Wefaq and the Islamic Action Society
01 : 51 AM - 15/04/2011
Manama, April 14 (BNA) In the light of what was raised in the media about the two cases are kept on the Al Wefaq Society and Islamic Action Society, and in light of the ongoing investigations and trials on the unfortunate events that the country has witnessed in the last period, and in order from the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments(Awqaf ) on the completion of all the facts and data necessary for this matter a way that serves justice and the rule of law and the payment of the march of democracy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Ministry's position towards the two societies will be determined in light of these facts and data when completed.

The Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Endowments, at the same time assured that the first interest at this stage is to maintain the achievements of the nation and achieve civil peace and to support the reform process, and it will provide all its efforts in carrying out its role in the conduct of the Supplementary elections, which aspires to attend by the faithful sons of this country to push forward the reform project.

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