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BCCI to endorse a new item to its penalties list
01 : 15 PM - 17/04/2011

Manam, April 17 (BNA) -- Ebrahim Ahmed Al Lengawi, CEO of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), yesterday endorsed a new item to be added to the penalties list for BCCI employees, in order to strengthen the country's unity.

The employees of the Chamber had put forward the demand. The item states: "Anyone who is proven to have done anything that can be considered offensive to the symbols of the country, such as not respecting the Bahraini flag, carrying a flag not identical to the national flag, destroying/damamging the flag as well as not respecting the political leaders of the country, destroying their photos, writing on their photos or drawing on them, and distributing provocative news, participating in illegal strikes and protests, and hanging symbols, slogans or pictures that reflect loyalty to other icons that are non-Bahraini during work hours, will be punished by dismissal from service."
Mr. Al Lengawi praised this initiative, and signed the item, pointing out that this will be raised to the board of the chamber.
The CEO said all employees should avoid any action that will affect the Chamber negatively, inside or outside the workplace.
He expressed the hope that the item would win the approval of the board, chaired by Dr. Esam Fakhro, as the BCCI was an organisation known for its loyalty to the country and the leadership.


BNA 0847 GMT 2011/04/17

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