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Interior and Education Ministries Launch a Campaign to Promote Love of the Nation Through Music
10 : 51 PM - 23/04/2011

Manama, April 23. (BNA) – The Police Music Band is working towards promoting citizenship through music. The loved by all band is working in a programme to tour all schools to spread the love of Bahrain through music.

Organised by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education, the programme aims to promote love of the nation and patriotic feelings through playing the national anthem and other national songs performed by the band’s members in front of students of different educational levels.

The programme, carried out in two schools in one day, a girls school and a boys one, relies on the long history of the band to motivate youngsters to discover the true meaning of loving their country.
The band was formed in 1929 as the oldest military band in Gulf region and it receives invitations to participate in almost all festive events in Bahrain.

The popularity of the band could be attributed to its development efforts through conventional and unconventional composing and training of its members.

It has also established a computerised music lab.


BNA 1814 GMT 2011/04/23

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