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Bahraini youth shapes and builds the future of the Kingdom
04 : 36 PM - 28/04/2011
Report by Wa’ad Al Sa’ad and Mariam Zainal
Manama, April. 28 (BNA) -- Human nature automatically enters a phase following every incident that occurs. A reaction could be mental, physical, emotional etc… These reactions can either have positive as well as negative vibes.

The recent unrest witnessed by the Kingdom and the people of Bahrain was without a doubt an issue that created a huge impact on them. Bahrain News Agency (BNA) was interested in finding out what kind of impact was developed by the people, especially youth. Since they are the ones who will be the builders of Bahrain’s future. Therefore, it is very important to try and generate a positive outcome from all of this.

We were able to collect opinions of Bahraini youth, who expressed their keenness to contribute in the recovery of their homeland, by devotion and hard work.

Marwan Kamal Al-Theeb, 22 years old, a nurse in SMC said "during the events that we lately experienced in Bahrain, many questions came to mind. Most were about, what makes “me” the good Bahraini citizen. It took me some time to get the answer out of my head although it was simple. Three words where enough for me; Respect , Love and Build. Being a Part of my Bahrain, starts with loving and giving to country, leaders, families and friends, respecting the other parts of the society ,the rights and the rules of it. That way, we can build a strong home and a society together hand to hand. Bahrain is for all Bahrainis."

Zakiya Jameel Ahmed, 22 years old noted "As a nursing student, I believe that cooperation is what could move us forward, therefore we need to join hands in order to improve and rebuild our beloved Kingdom. I believe and I’m certain of the brighter future that awaits Bahrain placed in the younger generations high education and knowledge that will contribute positively in developing and building the Kingdom.

Furthermore, Sarah Yousif Zainal, 23 years old was kind enough to share her future vision of Bahrain saying “the recent unfortunate events generated the sense of loyalty towards our country. I came to realize how blessed I am to be a Bahraini citizen, living under these conditions that are absent and nearly impossible to be seen in other countries. Which is why I’ve decided to work ten times harder, and become more devoted to serve this country through the sphere of health which I specialize in. To think that we the youth are the ones who can shape Bahrain’s future, is by itself a huge motivation.”

Another group of young men who study and work at the same time agreed that implementing patriotism and loyalty to the wise leadership would contribute effectively in the building of a better future, which delivers sincere, dedicated and efficient work conduct of each citizen. They believed that youngsters are the largest and the most influential category in structuring the society and its institutions therefore utilizing their capabilities would play a major role in building a brighter future for the Kingdom. Recognizing that there is no society devoid of errors and flaws, thus it is very important that efforts become united to outline those flaws, resolve them and avoide their repetition in the future.

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