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Safety and security in Bahrain are restored: says BDF Commander - In - Chief Marshal Shaikh Khalifa
03 : 09 PM - 02/05/2011

Manama, May 2 (BNA) -- Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) Commander-in-Chief Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa confirmed in an interview published today in the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al Rai", that the BDF, Ministry of Interior (MOI), and the National Guard system was able to restore safety and security in the Kingdom through stopping those who attempted to overthrow the regime and establish a state within the clerical rule of Iran that follows Welyat Al Faqeeh '' ’ the mandate of the jurist'.

Marshal Khalifa bin Ahmed refused labeling the groups involved in the recent events as reform callers, describing them as traitors an saboteurs that led Bahrain into chaos and disorder. Pointing out that the Seven Associations were carrying out the guidance lines from Iran that drew the acts of sabotage and barbarism in the Kingdom.

The Commander in Chief explained that upon declaring a state of national safety a number of involved heads in the killing and agitation were arrested, along with the group of terrorists who threatened the civil peace and attacked public and private property to undertake the legal necessary procedures.

Marshal Shaikh Khalifa noted that His Majesty King Hamad was able to deal with the crisis with wisdom and patience, through permitting freedom of speech and many chances until their real agendas were revealed, His Majesty had appointed HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander to open dialogue with all parties, but for a whole month instead of grasping that opportunity of reform, that group had refused dialogue and has corrupted all sectors of the state including health, education , economy and on top of all security, which has led to the announcement of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to a state of National Security. Through which normal life was restored in the Kingdom.

Existing evidence of investigations prove the involvement of Lebanese, Syrians, and Iranians in the recent unrest, the Commander in Chief noted that perceptions has revealed the scheme of Hezbollah, where Hassan Nasr Allah has announced the support to the sabotage groups.

The Commander in Chief said: "we’re not dealing with individuals nor groups, we’re dealing with countries that are interfering with the Bahrain’s internal affairs. And we have found through investigations that other countries than Iran and Lebanon are involved in spying and vital information deliverance through private channels from the GCC Roundabout.
About the recent confusion in Kuwait on the participation of the Kuwaiti force at the Peninsula Shield and whether it participated with ground forces at the first day then followed by naval forces, the BDF Commander in Chief asserted that the Kuwaiti ground forces did not join the Peninsula Shield Forces, noting that the Kuwaiti naval forces were within the leading team of the Peninsula Sheild Forces, describing this participation as a noble stance.
Asking if Bahrain called for special forces in addition to the existence of the Peninsula Sheild, he said ‘’ I can not affirm Bahrain's request for special forces, because this issue goes back to our leaders in the Gulf Cooperation Council, which must agree to send special forces to Bahrain."
Answering a question about what has been spread in Bahrain that the opposition had received funds from Kuwaiti groups, Marshal Shaikh Khalifa asserted some prominent Kuwaiti figures had major role in supporting the opposition financially , politically and through media means. He added that this was very obvious on certain Kuwaiti private channels noting ‘’ we were shocked when one of the channels interviewd an extremist lawyer claiming that a Bahraini citizen was martyred while he is alive! and that Bahraini citizen appeared on our local TV to show the truth and refute lies by this lawyer who appeared on that Kuwaiti channel that we really appreciate and suppose to stand with the Bahraini right, " he added " there is no doubt that certain media means have foreign agenda and were fully supported by those people in that period of time, but this did not affect us, because we do have the ability to deal with those channels that broadcast tendentious rumors.’’
Talking about the financial support provided by Kuwaiti figures to the opposition , Marshal Shaikh Khalifa said " we have full knowledge about their support to these people, for them this was an ideological support, and there were figures who visited the roundabout including businessmen and those of influence and that was the reason behind our calls through our official channels to prevent them from entering Bahrain and that they are not welcomed and were listed in the blacklist.’’
In regard to threats by Iranian political and religious figures by sending suicide bombers to Bahrain, the BDF Commander – In – Chief said ‘’ our armed forces are well - trained and have full knowledge of dealing with this phenomenon, which is considered an international one, in which powerful countries failed to wipe them out, but eliminate them through tracing these groups, as well as intensfying our security efforts in all parts of the Kingdom and we witnessed such threats long time ago and its part of our task and if even if it happened, we will deal with these people efficiently and this will not diminish our resolve, but strengthens our training to repel such attacks by these traitors who want to harm innoncent people."
Marshal Shaikh Khalifa repeated ‘’ we have our own way in dealing with these groups and we know how to get them ".
He warned them saying ‘’ our principles and our leaders requires us to handle these issue openly and not in the dark, so these people had to understand that, and we have the ability to access them, we fear God only and not afraid of them.’’

The BDF Commander- in - Chief said those extremist groups are guided by foreign governments following Welayat Al Faqeeh ‘’ the mandate of the jurist".
Marshal Shaikh Khalifa said that in the coming stage coexistence with these extremists is impossible and they had to leave for Iran and they had to know for sure that we have both the political and security decisions and what happened in the roundabout will not be repeated.
He added that there might be a permanent base for the joint Peninsula Shield forces in Bahrain and such decision must be taken by GCC leaders mainly in which Bahrain became a point in which Iran is trying to destabilize the security to enter the Arabian Gulf.


BNA 1003 GMT 2011/05/02

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