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Bahraini Judiciary Hailed
11 : 51 PM - 05/05/2011

Manama, May 5 (BNA) In a statement to Bahrain News Agency members of the parliament, Shura council and lawyers lauded the verdicts and judiciary procedures undertaken by the National Security Court against the suspects in the case related to the killing of the policemen.
Lawyer Mohammed Al Taranja said that there was no justification for criticizing the verdicts made against the suspects affirming that they were within the judicial framework. However, Al Taranja indicated that the defense had the right to appeal the verdict handed down against the second suspect that was seven years imprisonment due to the security situation being witnessed in the country.
Despite this, the defense lawyer emphasized that the sentencing could not be criticized as it fulfilled all the legal and judicial requirements.
For his part attorney Hamad Al Harbi hailed the legal procedures and affirmed his trust in the Bahraini judiciary that is well-known for its transparency and justice. Al Harbi highlighted the fact that the court that conducted the trials comprised civil judges who had an extensive experience in criminal cases. He said that the court had permitted the suspects to appeal the verdicts against them and the attendance of a great number of their family members during the trial.
Meanwhile, MP Adel Al Assoomi affirmed the integrity of the Bahraini judiciary stating that there was no room for criticizing it as it was based on evidence. Al Assoomi said that proof of this was reflected in today’s ruling which absolved a person from the charge that would have convicted him to five years in prison.
MP Khamis Al Rumaihi said the acquittal was the greatest proof of the integrity of the court and ongoing trials by the National Safety court. He said that Bahraini judiciary was known for its impartiality and its justice.


BNA 1949 GMT 2011/05/05

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