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Bahraini opponents in Najaf supported by Iraqi Shiits powers
11 : 46 AM - 11/05/2011

Manama, May 11 (BNA) -- An informed source at the Political Bureau of Sadr Movement in Iraq revealed that more than 30 Bahraini opponents are staying in Najaf and are fully supported by Shiits political and religious figures to work against the political system in Bahrain.

A source told ‘’ Akhbar Al Khaleej’’ in its edition today that those opponents are mainly students in the Releigious Seminaries there and have strong contacts with the Iraqi Shiits political powers and work on fueling the Bahraini society along sectarian lines.
The source added that the interference of Shiits leaders in the Bahraini cause reflected negatively on Iraq’s relations with GCC countries, which led to the cancelation of Arab Summit scheduled in Iraq. The source noted that the Iraqi government tried to keep distance of what happened in the Kingdom of Bahrain but the involvement of some Iraqi governmental figures made Iraq part of this dispute such as Ibrahim Al Ja’afari the leading figure at Al Da’wa Iraqi movement.


BNA 0740 GMT 2011/05/11

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