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UAE calls for strengthening international efforts to protect civilians in armed conflict areas
02 : 21 PM - 11/05/2011

New York, May 11 (BNA) -- The United Arab Emirates before the UN Security Council meeting last night has called to strengthen the international efforts to protect civilians in armed conflict areas, especially the Palestinian and Libyan people confirming the continuation of its support and participation in the efforts of the United Nations.

Ambassador Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, UAE's permanent representative to the United Nations in his statement before the Special Meeting of UN Security Council on "protection of civilians in armed conflict" expressed UAE concerns on difficult humanitarian conditions experienced by some people in the region as a result of the rapid changes taking place in their area recently.

Full text of his speech: The United Arab Emirates, which reiterates its strong condemnation of the tragic and serious crimes committed against peaceful civilians, especially women, children and humanitarian and media workers in areas of armed conflict, wishes to emphasize that the application of legal accountability and non-impunity system on those involved in these acts through fair trials and adequate punishment of perpetrators is a critical step on the way to developing the plans and efforts aimed at protecting people. We, therefore, call for the adoption and implementation of clear, comprehensive and achievable multilateral international and regional strategies, in order to support the objectives of political, security, legal and humanitarian programs and plans which are carried out by the United Nations in collaboration with other international and regional organizations with a view to protecting civilians in armed conflict and in crisis areas in accordance with the Council resolution 1674 (2006).

We also reaffirm that the implementation of international and regional multilateral protective measures must be based on the principles of neutrality, justice and objectivity, particularly in the area of providing and coordinating adequate relief and humanitarian assistance and the protection of such assistance and its humanitarian corridors, in order to ensure that it reaches affected people in a timely manner and alleviates their suffering. At the same time, we stress the need for untying the plans and programs of these strategies with the conflict resolution process, in conformity with the rules of international law.


BNA 1015 GMT 2011/05/11

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