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The Appeal National Safety Court confirms the death penalty of two defendants involved in murdering policemen
01 : 43 PM - 22/05/2011
Manama, May 22 (BNA) --- The Appeal National Safety Court confirmed in its session today the death penalty of defendant Ali Abdulla Hassan Al Sangees and defendant Abdulaziz Abdulredha Ibrahim Hussan and changed the verdicts of death penalty of defendants Qassim Hassan Mattar Ahmed and Sa’eed Abduljaleel Saeed into life imprisonment who were involved in the murder of policemen Kashef Ahmed Mandhour and Mahmoud Farooq Abdulsamad.

The military prosecutor of Bahrain Defense Force stated that the Court confirmed unanimously the execution of defendant Ali Abdulla Hassan Al Sangees and defendant AbdulAziz Abdulredha as well as confirming sentence of life imprisonment of defendant Isa Abdudulla Kadhim and confisicated the car used in the crime.
It is noted that the National Safety Courts were set up according to the Royal Decree on the declaration of the State of National Safety, which determined the nature of each one ruled that each of them should consist of two civil judges and a military one in order to ensure the fairness of the judicial system in the Kingdom and safeguards the suspects’ right for fair trials and allowed them to appeal the verdicts.


BNA 0937 GMT 2011/05/22

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