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His Majesty calls Executive and Legislativ​e to promote national harmony through dialogue
06 : 57 PM - 31/05/2011
Manama, May 31 (BNA) -- His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received today at Al Rowdha Palace Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Journalists Association, chief editors of local newspapers and media figures in the Kingdom, within the framework of His Majesty’s meeting with Bahraini citizens.

At the outset of the meeting , His Majesty delivered the following Speech:
In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Brothers and Sisters,

It is our pleasure to meet with journalists and media personnel in our beloved Kingdom. You are the leaders of public opinion, the enlightened power, the mediators and connectors between society's official and civic bodies. You are essential partners in the process of this country’s development.
We would like to take this opportunity to underline our great appreciation for your noble work, as well as our everlasting commitment to upholding freedom of expression within the framework of political, cultural and intellectual pluralism. A free, impartial, and independent press is the backbone of democratic progress, and it plays a positive role in strengthening social cohesion, and in disseminating the spirit of affinity and love.

Esteemed Guests,
We should only look back over the events of the past few months in order to draw useful lessons and morals. The reform process began with the historic consensus on the Charter of National Action, in which the Bahraini people decided on a new chapter of their history, calling for comprehensive modernization, a better life, the promotion of the popular representation in the process of decision making, and paving the path for Bahrainis’ present as well as charting the future for generations to come.
Reform is the mission from which we shall not digress; it is an expression of belief and determination between us and our people. With the help of Allah, we will proceed forward in this promising national process within the natural progress of the life cycle and the development of people and nation.

Brothers and Sisters,
Who doesn’t want more efficient and effective governmental performance? Or more efficient legislative representation? Or political and civic societies that operate within the framework of national unity and the Rule of Law? Those who resist such aspirations act against the process of evolution, and ultimately, they cannot stop natural progress of people’s lives.
We have worked throughout of our reign to create a democratic life in which everyone could raise their demands freely through institutions furnished by this democracy. In adherence to these measures, and in support of the initiative of the Crown Prince, backed by the Government and the Legislative Branch, and affirming what came in the National Unity Gathering’s last statement that Dialogue is a national strategic choice to reach the required and agreed upon solutions, we instruct both the executive and legislative branches to call for a dialogue of national consensus on the optimal situation for the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to take all necessary measures to prepare for this comprehensive, serious dialogue - without preconditions – to begin early July of this year, in which all people could participate with their vision of the future vision.
Their recommendations – upon which we hope you will reach a consensus – will drive the pace of reforms towards further growth on all levels, consolidate the pillars of the reform project, and achieve the aspirations of the kind people of Bahrain for peace, justice, and the continuation of the process of development and growth. The recommendations of the dialogue are to be submitted to us and be presented to the constitutional institutions, each in its area of authority.
Based on the aforementioned, the bi-election will come as an essential part of the national consensus to complete the House of Representatives’ membership to enhance the participation of all citizens in the development process, preservation of the national achievements, and sustainability of development and growth. We hope and truly wish the participation of citizens of our beloved homeland in these elections in all vacant constituencies, in order to realize the popular hopes of the 2010 elections.
Citizenship’s connotation of loyalty, patriotism, pride in its identity and allegiance have all placed a great responsibility on journalists and the media in this crucial phase, which needs to heal the social rift, and work on the rationalization of public opinion, maintenance of national unity, restoration confidence among all, wisdom and balance to generate positive communication on all levels. The press and the media are the identity of the reform project. We will continue our support to you so that you will be able to play your national role.

Brothers and Sisters,
We meet today in a time in which the Kingdom is proud of the political, defense, and financial support from our brothers in the GCC states, which reflect mutual respect between the GCC countries, and has also led, praise be to Allah, to the announcement of the largest budget in the history of the Kingdom, after being approved by the government and legislature. This will strengthen the national economic process, affirming the importance of your media role, enriched by your analytical criticism and constructive opinions. The goal is to stimulate productivity, boost competitiveness, encourage and attract investments, and enhance human resource efficiency to enable everyone to play their role in the process of construction, development, and to create means to a decent life.
In conclusion, despite the fact that what has occurred recently in Bahrain has hurt us deeply, we remain determined to honor our commitments before Allah and our people. Our confidence in journalists and in the media is high, and our hopes in you are higher. The Bahraini people are eager to obtain facts to enable them shape a comprehensive national opinion without division among its people. We confirm to all journalists and media personnel in the Kingdom of Bahrain that their freedom is preserved and their rights are safeguarded. Further, no one shall be harmed due to his peaceful, civilized expression of opinion in this state of law and intuitions.

May Allah guide us to the good of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its loyal people.

Peace, God's mercy, and blessings be upon you.

Later, Advisor for Information Affairs to His Majesty Nabeel bin Yacoob Al Hamar, gave the following speech

Your Majesty ,,

Your Royal Highnesses and Excellency

My dear colleagues

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

We gathered here in appreciation and respect to your wise vision that gives Bahrain more secure and stable future as a nation and people .. the peak of happiness is to listen to your directives for brighter future for our beloved Kingdom, as a leader that loves his people and builds his nation.

We thank your Majesty , for your speech, you possess great place in the heart of every journalist and media figure in this Kingdom because they know how do you think and aspire for better future.

On behalf of my colleagues and journalists, and writers I am honored to extend to your Majesty sincere thanks and great appreciation for your kindness over this wonderful reception, which is a royal honor of all members of the journalism family in Bahrain.

As long as you still advocate the freedom of the press and media, and protect the responsibility of freedom of speech and opinion and the other’s.

Your Majesty ,,

During the past decade of your leadership, the national press witnessed golden era ,a unique and unprecedented in its history with different views varied on their pages to reflect all components and trends of the Bahraini society without excluding any party.
And under your Royal auspices, journalists and media staff practiced their comprehensive tasks freely with responsibly in a safe and secure atmospheres that facilitated their access to information easily and smoothly.

Journalists will never forget your permanent victory in setting up a highly developed and sophisticated law for press to cope with the democratic reform project, looking forward with pride to join them on the 3rd of May to mark International Journalism Day celebrating the press freedom which indicates the status of press enjoyed by your Majesty as one of the main pillars of the reform democratic project.

Thanks to your support , the local press was developed and verified in quality and quantity to mirror the interest of all readers, and express the hopes and aspirations of citizens that was welcomed by your Majesty.

Today your Majesty, the press went through difficult times due to the unprecedented events, and as the Kingdom overcame that challenges thanks to your wise leadership, our press will also pass these difficult times with the confidence and support of your Majesty, and the confidence of Bahraini citizens who believe in the credibility of the published information in newspapers and broadcasted through television and radio.

These journalists and media people and writers are your faithful soldiers, who will not spare their ink nor blood in defending the stability and security of this Kingdom under your wise leadership.

They also did not spare time or efforts in spreading awareness among Bahraini and world public opinion over what have been plotted against this Kingdom ,of conspiracy as well as refuting all lies and fabrications.

Press and media are instruments to control and condemns heinous acts , used to obstacle development and disrupt the production that led to economic losses at Bahraini public and private institutions, including media establishments , from here , we call on

Those adversely affected to file lawsuits against who harmed this Kingdom and its people and aggravated situations whether they were individuals or societies and not tolerate the application of penalties handed down or seek pardon that are totally rejected by people today.

Your Majesty, the Kingdom of Bahrain will remain the oasis of democracy, and freedom of speech and pluralism, one of Bahrain topics and characteristic of life in Bahrain , and thus we have learned from you our King and leader.

We promise you in this day, to stand on line behind your wise leadership, as a solid shield for defending our reform and democratic project to regain Bahrain as it was an oasis of freedom and a house for one family, a country for different religions and sects in a civil and loveable society.

The Bahraini media and civil family announced before your majesty today that it will continue on shouldering responsibility to enlighten public opinion and guide citizens to maintain the accomplishments of the Kingdom and spread harmony to overcome the unfortunate crisis.
No for sedition, no for sectarianism and yes for the national unity will top our radio, TV and local press to restore the kind tolerant Bahraini spirit which some have tried to deprive it from us .

Your Majesty, there is no freedom without stability and security and today we regain our freedom thanks to your Majesty , leaders of the National Safety and Peninsula Shield who spare no efforts to protect the Kingdom.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to your Majesty, leaders of the National Safety and Peninsula Shield who exerted all efforts to protect the Kingdom , the faithful people of Bahrain will never forget their brave stand.

Your Majesty, you place in us the responsibility of conveying the fact and we promise you to commit to it and will pursue them under your leadership.

May God bless you as a leader for this Kingdom and a father of the people as well as a supporter of the freedom of press in a secure and safe country.

Long live the Kingdom of Bahrain and long live your Majesty

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