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Ayat Hassan's Verdict to Be Issued next June 12
06 : 33 PM - 06/06/2011
Manama, June 6. (BNA) - The first Lower National Safety Court today adjourned to June 12 the case of Ayat Hassan Mohammed, who was tried over charges of taking part in illegal protests for criminal ends and inciting hatred against the ruling system, the Military Prosecutor stated.

During the hearing, the Military Prosecution delivered the final pleading and requested the court to inflict a severe sentence on the defendant.
The defence, too, presented its final plea, but asked the court to acquit the suspect.

The verdict will be issued during the next session.

During the same session, Ali Isa Mansoor Al Ekri, Ali Hassan Al Sadadi, Nader Mohammed Hassan Diwani, Ahmed Abdulaziz Omran Hassan, Mohammed Asghar Abdulwahab, Ibrahim Abdulla Ibrahim, Rouli Jassim Mohammed Al Saffar, Abdulkhaliq Ali Hussein Al Uraibi, Ghassan Ahmed Ali Dhaif, Bassim Ahmed Ali Dhaif, Al Sayad Marhoun Majid Al Wadai, Nada Said Abdulnabi Dhaif, Hassan Mohammed Said Nasser, Fatima Salman Hassan Hajji, Dhiya Ibrahim Ja'afar, Najah Khalil Ibrahim Hassan, Mohammed Faeq Ali Al Shehab, Said Madhaher Habib Al Samahiji, Qassim Mohammed Mohammed Omran and Zahra Mahdi Al Sammak also faced the charges of holding an un-authorised weapon, occupation of the Salmaniya Medical Complex, calling for the overthrow of the ruling system and seizing medical equipment.

The court allowed the suspects to meet their relatives and adjourned the case to June 13 in order to enable the defence team to meet the defendants and have access to the bill of indictment.

The same things apply to the case of deliberately disseminating false stories and information on the injured and participating in illegal protests.

The suspects Sadeq Ja'afar Ridha Abdulla, Aref Ali Abdul Rasoul, Abdul Shaheed Ibrahim Dadhl, Hassan Ali Al Safi, Mohammed Ali Fateel, Nabil Hameed Ali Abdulla, Naira Ali Hassan, Khulood Ahmed Ali Al Dirazi, Sadeq Abdulla Ahmed Salman, Ja'afar Salman Ahmed Hassan, Ibrahim Hassan Abdulla Al Damistani, Dunia Al Sayad Ali Al Hashimi, Hani Moussa Ahmed Al Aswad, Sayad Adnan Mohammed Atiya Mohammed, Jalila Jawad Mohammed Al A'ali, Jamila Abdul Hussein Jassim, Nehad Nabil Mohammed Al Shirawi, Ali Ahmed Isa Ghanim, Abdulkarim Abdulla Saleh Hassan, Ameen Ja'afar Abdulla Ahmed, Khulood Ali Yaqoob Al Sayad, Abdul Hussein Ali Ibrahim, Hamza Hassan Isa Ali, Abdulamir Abdulla Salman, Ali Said Abdulla, Nabeel Hassan Ali Tammam, Ibrahim Hassan Ali Hassan and Abdulla Mohammed Hassan Al Dirazi will face the same charges during the next session.

In another context, the second Lower National Safety Court held a session today and issued a one-year prison sentence on Mohammed Abdulkarim Ali Salman, Waheed Ja'afar Mirza Ali, Yussef Yaqoob Mohammed Ali and Abdul Rassoul Kadhem Hassan after finding them guilty of taking part in illegal demonstrations for the sake of committing crimes and disrupting public order.
Ahmed Jassim Mohsen Ali received a three-year imprisonment sentence over the same charges, but was acquitted of inciting the hatred of the ruling system.

The court also found Nasser Abdul Hassan Hussein Al Sayegh, Abdulamir Abdul Hussein Ridha Mohammed, Haitham Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed, Ali Abdulla Habib Abdulla, Hussein Kadem Ahmed Kadhem, Muneer Saleh Mahdi Ali, Haidar Abdul Hussein Hussein Al Sayegh, Issam Abdulla Ali Mohammed, Ismail Yussef Ismail, Ibrahim Taher Ahmed Hussein and Ibrahim Majeed Al Shaikh Ibrahim Nasser not guilty of taking part in illegal protests for the sake of committing crimes and disrupting public security.

The same court heard other misdemeanor cases and adjourned them to other dates for different reasons.

Present were Salman Nasser from the Gulf European Center for Human Rights, Atiyatollah Rohani from the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR), Mohammed Al Sumaikh from the Bahrain Human Rights Society, Abdulnabi Al Ekri from the Bahrain Transparency Society (BTS), as well as some relatives of the defendants and the victims.

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