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Bahrain Teachers' Case Adjourned to June 15
07 : 25 PM - 07/06/2011
Manama, June 6. (BNA) - The first Lower National Safety Court today adjourned the case of Mahdi Isa Abu Dheeb and Jalila Mohammed Ridha Al Salman, from the Bahrain Teachers Society, to June 15, stated the Military Prosecutor.

During the hearing, the suspects pleaded not guilty of inciting others to commit crimes, calling for the hatred and overthrow of the ruling system, holding pamphlets, disseminating fabricated stories and information, leaving work on purpose and encouraging others to do so and taking part at illegal gatherings.

The Military Prosecution asserted that the suspects' statements, investigations and technical information are enough to blame them.
In another case, Yunes Ghaloum denied being guilty of seizing oxygen cylinders from the Muharraq Maternity Hospital.

The Military Prosecution, however, indicated that the suspects' confessions and probes are enough evidence of his guilt, asserting its right to present a final pleading.

The court allowed the defence team to have access to the bill of indictment and adjourned the case to June 14.

The court adjourned to the same date the case, in which sixteen suspects were tried over dangerous driving, damaging a privately-owned car and assaulting police officers, the court heard evidence witnesses' testimonies in which they said that the defendants attacked the policeman in Hamad Town using sticks and knives and broke the windows of his car.

The final pleadings of both the Military Prosecution and the defence will be presented during the next session. Moreover, the lawyers were given copies of the case documents, including a CD.

Thirteen other defendants also stood trial at the Lower National Safety Court over charges of kidnapping and inciting crimes.
The court adjourned the case to June 14, too, in order to give the suspects time to hire defence lawyers.

The case of the murder of Policeman Ahmed Ahmed Al Mrissi on duty, in which Ali Yussef Abdulwahab Al Taweel and Ali Atiyya Mahdi Al Shamloul, was also heard today.

The court allowed, at the lawyers' request, the defence witnesses to deliver their testimonies in which they indicated that the defendant had stayed at home in Sitra all day on March 15.

The court will continue hearing defence witnesses during the next session on Wednesday, June 8.

The court also agreed to let one suspect receive medical treatment.

Regarding the case of using weapons to steal money, setting fire to private farms for criminal ends and holding Molotov cocktails, the 33 suspects denied the charges.

The Military Prosecution, however, affirmed that the defendants' confessions, investigations and forensic evidence are enough proof of their guilt.

The court agreed to hear defence witnesses during the next hearing on June 15, allowed the suspects to examined by forensic experts and accepted to provide medical care for those who need it.

Relatives of the suspects and the victims attended.

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