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Bahrain to Lift Ban on a Political Association
04 : 35 PM - 18/06/2011
Manama, June 18. (BNA) – The Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry today welcomed the statement issued by the National Democratic Action Society ( Wa'ad) in which it expressed keenness to promote security, stability and national unity and take part in the comprehensive National Consensus Dialogue due to start on July 1. The ministry praised Wa'ad's supportive stances towards the National Dialogue and eagerness to participate effectively and constructively in it, wishing every success for the participants in the dialogue so as ensure the continuity of the kingdom's progress march, protect national achievements and top interests. It also asserted that supremacy of the law, respect of the constitution and adherence to national unity and national historical fundamentals are the basic guarantors of Bahrain's stability, security and prosperity.
The Ministry also said that it has already started taken the necessary legal procedures in order to lift the ban on Wa'ad issued in accordance with Royal Decree 18 for the year 2011 on the declaration of the State of National Safety. WHQ
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