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The National Safety Court issues verdicts against those charged of plotting to topple the Government of Bahrain
01 : 38 PM - 22/06/2011
Manama, June. 22 (BNA) -- The Military Prosecutor of the National Safety Court issued the Court's verdicts in its trial today against those charged of plotting to topple the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The verdicts are as follows: 1. Abdul Wahab Hussain Ahmad (Life Imprisonment). 2. Hassan Ali Hassan Mushaima (Life Imprisonment). 3. Mohammed Habib Al Safaf (Al Muqdad) (Life Imprisonment). 4. Ibrahim Shareef Abdulrahim Musa (5 years sentence). 5. Abduljalil Radhi Mansoor Maki (Al Muqdad) (Life Imprisonment). 6. Abduljalil Abdulla Al Sankees (Life Imprisonment). 7. Saeed Mirza Ahmad (Al Noory) (Life Imprisonment). 8. Abdulhadi Abdulla Mahdy Hassan (Al Mukhodher) (15 years sentence). 9. Abdulla Isa Al Mahroos (15 years sentence). 10. Abdulhadi Abdulla Habil Al Khawajah (Life Imprisonment). 11. Saleh Abdulla Habil Al Khawajah (5 years sentence). 12. Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad (15 years sentence). 13. Mohammed Ali Radhi Esmaeel (15 years sentence). 14. Al Hur Yousif Mohammed Al Sumayekh (2 years detention). The Court also issued the following verdicts in absentia: 1. Saeed Abdulnabi Shehab (Life Imprisonment). 2. Sayed Aqeel Ahmad Ali (Al Sary) (15 years sentence). 3. Abdulraoof Abdulla Ahmad Al Shayeb (15 years sentence). 4. Abbas Abdulaziz Nasser Al Umran (15 years sentence). 5. Ali Hassan Ali Mushaima (15 years sentence). 6. Abdulghani Isa Ali Khanjar (15 years sentence). 7. Ali Hassan Abdulla Abdulemam (15 years sentence). These initial rulings issued by the Lower National Safety Court are not finalized. The defendants have the right to adjourn the issued verdicts against them before the National Safety Appeal Court within a period of 15 days from the date of sentencing. The hearings that took place at the Lower National Safety Court were attended by a number of representatives from human rights organizations in the kingdom, local media, and relatives of victims and defendants.
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