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National Safety Court Sentences 8 Suspects to Life Imprisonment
08 : 00 PM - 22/06/2011

Manama, June 22. (BNA) – The Lower National Safety Court today issued verdicts in the case of 21 suspects charged with plotting to topple the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and exchanging intelligence information with a terrorist organization working for a foreign country, the Military Prosecutor announced.
In its verdicts, the court sentenced to life imprisonment Abdul Wahab Hussain Ahmad, Hassan Ali Hassan Mushaima, Saeed Abdulnabi Shehab, Mohammed Habib Al Safaf (Al Muqdad), Abduljalil Radhi Mansoor Maki, Abduljalil Abdulla Al Sankees, Saeed Mirza Ahmad (Al Noory) and Abdulhadi Abdulla Habil Al Khawajah. Meanwhile, Abdulhadi Abdulla Mahdy Hassan (Al Mukhodher), Abdulla Isa Al Mahroos, Sayed Aqeel Ahmad Ali Al Mahfoudh, Abdul Raouf Abdulla Ahmed Al Shayeb, Abbas Abdulaziz Nasser Al Omran, Ali Hassan Ali Mushaima, Abdul Ghani Isa Ali Khanjar, Ali Hassan Abdulla Abdul Imam, Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad Mohammed and Mohammed Ali Ridha Ismail received a fifteen-year imprisonment sentence. Ibrahim Sharif, however, was acquitted of two crimes, but was sentenced to five years imprisonment for the other ones. Salah Abdulla Hubail Al Khawaja received a similar sentence. Concerning Yussef Mohammed Al Sumaikh, the court found him acquitted him of ten crimes, but gave him a two-year jail sentence after indicting him in another. The court explained that the defendants committed a number of crimes, including setting up an illegal group aiming to topple the ruling system and bring life in the kingdom to a standstill, undermining national unity and security through the so-called "Coalition for the Republic", joining illegal institutions, calling for the change of the constitution forcibly, damaging public property, exchanging intelligence information with a foreign country and supplying it with information about the kingdom in order to carry out hostile actions against it, distabilising the country, collecting funds for terrorist ends, inciting the hatred of the kingdom's political system through speeches and international networks, spreading malicious rumours, terrorizing people, claiming that there was sectarian divide in the kingdom, encouraging un-authorised demonstrations and strikes, holding illegal pamphlets and disseminating fabricated news. The court used sound and image evidence, as well the Military Prosecution's investigation report. It is be noted that the verdicts issued today are not final, and the defendants have the right to appeal the sentences within fifteen days. The Lower National Safety Court also heard the Bahrain Teachers' Society case in which Mahdi Isa Mahdi Abu Dhib and Jalila Mohammed Ridha Al Salman faced charges of calling for and inciting the overthrow and hatred of the ruling system, possessing anti-political system pamphlets, spreading malicious and fabricated news and taking part in illegal gatherings. During the hearing, five witnesses –teachers and headmasters- delivered their testimonies, at the defence request, and asserted that Jalila Mohammed was innocent and that she had shown no interest in politics or taken part in a political rally. The defence also presented the court with CD containing innocence evidence of the suspects. Final pleadings will be delivered on July 4. Fifteen other people also appeared at the court and denied being guilty of hiding Mohammed Al Meqdad reappeared. The Military Prosecution, however, insisted that the suspects' confessions and investigation reports are enough evidence to indict them. The hearing was, too, adjourned to July 4. Abbas Hassan Ali Malallah was also tried today and denied being involved in attempted murder and illegal protests. The Military Prosecution, on the other hand, said that the defendants' own confessions and investigation results are enough proof of his guilt. The court accepted the defence team's request to summon evidence witnesses during the next hearing set for July 7 and get forensic report. Alice Samaan from the National Human Rights Organisation, Salman Nasser from the Gulf European Centre for Human Rights, Mohammed Al Sumaikh from the Bahrain Human Rights Society, media representatives and relatives of the defendants and victims. WHQ

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