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National Dialogue Spokesman : Participation rates estimated at 94%, rate of received views touches 81%
12 : 43 AM - 28/06/2011
National Dialogue Spokesman Mr. Isa Abdul Rahman, unveiled that the number of participations in the National Dialogue has touched 297. He added that participation rates have exceeded the 94% edge on the basis of invitations sent to political societies, civil organisations, public personalities, and media figures. He remarked that political societies have been given the opportunity to delegate 5 representatives each, as these societies are much interested in public affairs.He announced that municipal councils will be taking part in the dialogue, represented by their presidents or representatives. Such participations enrich dialogue and give it a more comprehensive dimension, given that municipal councils enjoy a strong expertise in national issues.The spokesman asserted that the rate of views received from invited participants has reached 81%, saying that the presidency will start distributing in the coming days, the views and topics to be discussed, categorising them into themes (political, economic, social, and rights). He added that topics will be debated in an attempt to reach a consensus that serves the interests of the nation and its people.Mr. Isa Abdul Rahman clarified that the concept of dialogue is not founded on the number of participants, but on the quality of shared ideas and the ways they are addressed. He announced that consensus will be adopted, explaining that the consensus that will be reach doesn’t depend on figures, but on the diversity of opinions and the capacity detained by each party to reach common points with others, and to reach an agreement about tackled topics.
He expressed optimism from the output of the dialogue, noting that the involvement of all parties would reflect the Bahraini community’s ambitions and interests. He also added that the dialogue represents a valuable opportunity to exchange opinions about Bahrain’s future.The National Dialogue is scheduled to kick off next Saturday, the 2nd of July, at the Isa Cultural Center. The Presidency of the National Dialogue has received from invited political societies, civil organisations, and personalities, their views and visions for the last period. It has started preparing the event’s agenda according to the axes that will be debated. The views included topics and suggestions related to the fields of politics and human rights, including the pejoratives of the Parliament, Cabinet formation, electoral departments, naturalisation, combating administrative and financial corruption, public properties, and easing up strives. The views included other topics: salaries raises, improvement of life conditions, salaries of the retired employees, salaries of employees in the private sector, the empowerment of women, the adoption of future economic strategies, the support of youth, the bolstering of investments, the reinforcement of roles played by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the enacting of media and press legislations.

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