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Bahrain Press Review
01 : 12 PM - 02/07/2011
Manama, July 2 (BNA)-- Bahraini dailies issued today focused in their principal headlines on the main local, Arab and international events which occurred over the past 24 hours.
The following are the main topics: --HM King Hamad receives Head of the fact-finding committee and stresses Bahrain’s commitment to international human rights laws and conventions.
-- National dialogue kick-starts today…300 persons discuss 181 visions in evening sessions three times a week. --HRH Crown Prince and French President at the Elysee Palace…Sarkozy expresses appreciation and full support to HM the King’s initiatives. --Interior Minister receives Head of the fact-finding committee and pledges full cooperation. --IAA President: A committee to be set up to facilitate the work of the Independent Investigation Commission. --CBB Governor denies rumours that some foreign banks have left Bahrain…Licences have been issued to eights foreign financial establishments this year. --Ban Ki-moon hails setting up the Independent Investigation Commission. --Lebanese Minister stresses identity of Hizbollah members whose names have been mentioned in the international arrest warrants. --Thousands of Egyptians demonstrate a week before a call for an open sit-in. --Moscow: NATO may conduct a land operation in Libya. --Greek coastguards stops one of the ships of the Freedom Flotilla. --Chavez undergoes surgical operation in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumour. --Protests in Jordan calling to overthrow the government and dissolve the parliament. --Germany warns of a nuclear armament race in the Middle East. AOQ
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