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Zain Bahrain’s Social Media Day 2011 is a hit
02 : 41 PM - 03/07/2011
Manama, July 3 (BNA) -- From awarding a peppy online certificate of appreciation to Zainers on its Facebook Wall to co-hosting a celebration for 75 social media networkers to mark World Social Media Day, telecoms company Zain Bahrain pulled out all stops to creatively mark the involvement of the online community in shaping Bahraini social boundaries during its Social Media Day 2011 celebration last Thursday.

Along with collaborating groups Marketing @ Bahrain and Bahrain Internet Society, Zain Bahrain also presented awards to 50 networkers in the Kingdom of Bahrain for their ‘Wonderful Online Social Networking’. Among the activities of the evening was an award presentation for the “Best Moment Of Your Life” online contest and the winner was Mr. Vivek Sagar who won a Motorola FlLIPOUT handset. In addition, there was plenty of face-to-face networking from enthusiastic social network users at the dinner party that followed.
There was plenty of fun and raffle prizes for everyone with generous participation from BinHindi Samsung, Intercol Nokia, Soccer Scene, Dana Cinema, Ponderosa, Bennigans, Dollar Road Assist and Adhari Park. Social Media users also got to hear updates on this emerging communication channel from experts like Zain Bahrain’s e-Marketing Project Manager, Ali Sabkar and Mr. Waheed AlBalushi, the eContent Expert. Nawaf A.Rahman, Vice president of Bahrain Internet Society thanked Zain Bahrain for their great efforts and support towards the Social Media in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
“This is a lively and a very future-savvy community and since we too hold similar beliefs about technology use in the future, we were delighted to co-host the event and meet our Bahrain bloggers, Zainers on our Facebook and avid tweeple, offline and in person!” said Zain Bahrain’s Corporate Communications Manager, Mrs. Samya Hussain in her speech.
“The World Social Media Day was created by the number one Social Media blog in the world in more than 1350 cities in the world with participation of more than 24,000 users. Zain Bahrain, as a company at the forefront of social media technology services, is proud to play host to this appreciation night,” added Zain Bahrain’s e-Marketing Project Manager, Ali Sabkar.

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