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HM King's Personal Representative Visits Al-Sabts and Al-Sindis
09 : 38 PM - 06/07/2011
Manama. July 6 (BNA) His Majesty's Personal Representative Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al-Khalifa today visited respectively the majlisses of Ali bin Sabt and Al-Sindis in the Southern Governorate as part of a series of meetings to reach out to reach out to Bahrainis.
He thanked citizens for their allegiance and unity with their leaders. He lauded them for joining ranks to foil any attempt to subvert Bahrain's security and stability. "Bahrain will always remain strong with its loyal people to continue the march of developments and protect its security and stability", he said. "The reform march, which started with sweeping vote on the National Action Charter, will herald a new chapter in its history to ensure modernizations, decent living standards and popular representation and anchor participation in decision-making and the building of Bahrain's present and the future of its coming generation", he pointed out. He paid tribute to loyal citizens from all walks of life, hailing their patriotic initiatives in organizing popular celebrations and rallies advocating national unity as well as their resolve to protect national achievements. The Al-Sabts and Al-Sindis reaffirmed their support for the measures and steps undertaken by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa to protect the nation and citizens and ensure Bahrain return to its heydays, pledge to stave off all subversive designs preying on Bahrain's security and stability. AHN.
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