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HRH Premier hails royal wisdom
09 : 06 PM - 28/07/2011
Manama, July 28 (BNA)—His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa hailed today the spirit of consensus and responsibility which characterized the National Consensus Dialogue, called for by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and reflected utmost keenness to achieve the public interest and maintain national unity.
He lauded the royal speech given after HM the King received today the final visions of the National Consensus Dialogue which reflected keen desire to rally ranks, further strengthen national unity and restore the climate of confidence and social cohesion.
“The royal address is a roadmap for the government in the present and for the future to bring about more national achievements and fulfill people’s aspirations,” he said.
“We are confident that the wisdom of HM the King will place Bahrain on the path of a better future at all political, economic and social level,” he added commending HM King Hamad’s keenness on the nation’s prosperity and people’s dignity.
“The government strongly supports what the popular will has agreed on by consensus and will ease all obstacles to reach forecast goals,” HRH the Prime Minister pledged. “The government is keen to achieve the public interest and ensure people have access to a decent life,” he asserted.
“In line with the royal directives, the government will work out mechanisms to ensure implementation of the consensual visions through constitutional institutions so as to cope with the present phase and cater to citizens’ needs,” he said.
“The government will help usher in a new era of national work and achievements through distinguished partnership between the executive power, legislature and civil society,” he added praising active participation in the national dialogue which he described as a landmark historic occasion. Congratulating all Bahrainis on the advent of Ramadan, HRH the Prime Minister said: “We stand at the threshold of a new phase full of hope to bring Bahrain back to what it was-a nation where national unity and the spirit of love and brotherhood prevail among all social components.”
“Bahrain’s advanced social development, with its civilizational and historical specificity requires us to continue it in a way that preserves the kingdom’s unity and its interest,” he asserted lauding the role of the civil society in the national dialogue. “Maintaining security and stability of any nation is a pre-requisite for development to go on so as to provide equal opportunities for all,” he emphasized.
“The government will always keep in touch with citizens and national functions to inform them about progress in achieving their visions regarding the future of Bahrain.”
HRH the Prime Minister pointed out that he had directed the Finance Minister and the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister to hold a press conference to clarify things pertaining to the royal directives.
He also thanked parliament Chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani for wisely chairing the National Consensus Dialogue and impart a climate of national harmony that will build for a new phase. HRH the Premier thanked all participants in the dialogue paying tribute to Bahraini people’s loyalty and allegiance to their homeland and leadership.

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