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The 1st Instance National Safety (Criminal) Court issues 4 verdicts
03 : 29 PM - 25/09/2011
Manama, Sept., 25 -- (BNA) BDF Military Public Prosecutor Colonel Dr. Yusuf Rashid Flaifil stated that the 1st Instance National Safety (Criminal) Court held its session today (September 25, 2011) and issued the following 4 verdicts:-

First: Regarding the incident of exploiting the Teachers’ Society management for instigating the committing of criminal acts such as inviting for a teachers sit-in, the stopping of the educational process in the Kingdom, the staging of processions and demonstrations at various locations in the Kingdom, sit-ins in front of the schools, boycotting the volunteers, inviting parents of students to stop sending their offspring to school, instigation of processions and demonstrations in various locations in the Kingdom, inviting for forceful ouster of the regime by issuance of statements from the society inviting such forceful ouster of the regime, instigation of hatred of the ruling regime, broadcasting of false statements and news, rallying at public place with the purpose of violating security, public order and halting the educational process in the Kingdom.

The court adjudicated against the so-called Mehdi Isa Mohammed Abu Deeb with ten years imprisonment. The court also adjudicated against the so-called Jalila Mohammed Ridha Al-Salman with three years’ imprisonment.

Second: regarding having known about the occurrence of an incident of smashing of two policemen by car(s) but failing to report the incident, instigation in public for the hatred of the regime and partaking in gatherings at public places with the purpose of violating security and public order.

The court ruled against the so-called Hadi Ahmed Hasan Mekki with three years’ imprisonment.

Third: regarding the incident of hiding both: (Mohammed Habib Al-Safsaf) and the so-called (Ali Mohammed Mahfoudh) – both of whom had been accused for having committed crimes.

The court ruled with three years’ imprisonment against the so-called Saeed Ebrahim Hasan Jassim Shabib and the so-called S. Baqer Mohammed Hashim Hussain and the so-called Ahmed Mehdi Salman. The court also ruled with imprisonment for one year against the so-called Fadhel Abbas Abdallah Mushaimai’.

Meanwhile, the court ruled in favor of acquittal of the so-called Khalil Abdulrassol Al-Halawachi from the charges made against him.

Fourth: regarding the incident of assault against an Asian person (cutting the tongue of prayers-caller (causing permanent disability, entering into a home without permission from the homeowner and wreaking havoc therein.

The court ruled with fifteen years’ imprisonment against the following: the so-called Sami Ahmed Ali Mekki Miftah and the so-called AbdulHadi Ebrahim Khalil Ebrahim and the so-called Mohammed Mekki Ahmed Mekki Turraif and the so-called Fadhel Abbas Mohammed Ali Abbas and the so-called Mohammed Abdulla Mansour Hassan and the so-called Hussain Ahmed Hussain Ali Ahmed and the so-called Hassan Mohammed Hassan Jum’a.

The court ruled with ten years’ imprisonment against the following: the so-called Mohammed Habib Mansour Al-Meqdad, the so-called Aqeel Ahmed Ali Mahfoudh.

The court also ruled with four years’ imprisonment against the so-called Mohammed Ali Ahmed Ali Marhoun for the second and third charges and his acquittal from the first charge.

All indicted persons have the right to appeal against the verdict(s) before the Supreme Court of Appeal (ordinary courts) reliant upon the Decree-by-Law No. (28) for the year 2011.

The court session was attended by representatives from human rights organizations, the media as well as a number of relatives of the defendants and the plaintiffs. (IY)

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