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The 1st Instance National Safety Court issues a verdict.
07 : 20 PM - 26/09/2011
Manama, Sept., 26 -- (BNA) BDF Military Public Prosecutor Colonel Dr. Yusuf Rashid Flaifil stated that the 1st Instance National Safety Court held its session today (September 26, 2011) and issued a verdict of fifteen years' imprisonment against the following (32) defendants:-

1- Al-Sayyed Hadi Al-Sayyed Hameed.

2- Hussain Ali Hussain Al-Sahlawi.

3- Ebrahim Yusuf Mohammed Ali.

4- Ja’ffar Hassan Mulla Ali.

5- Hassan Ahmed Hilal.

6- Fadhel Abbas Mohammed ‘Aashoor.

7- Fadhel Abbas Ali Ahmed.

8- Jassim Habib Mohammed ‘Aashoor.

9- Hussain Abdul-Nabi Abbas.

10- Taha Mansour Ali Mansour.

11- Hassan Mehdi Yusuf Hussain.

12- Hussain Abbass Hussain.

13- Mohammed Ali Ahmed Jawad.

14- Mohammed Mirza Salman Abdulla.

15- Ali Mirza Salman Abdulla.

16- Muneer Ahmed Ali Al-Shaikh.

17- Murtadha Ahmed Abdulla.

18- Mohammed Ma’toug Hassan Mohammed.

19- Taher Jassim Mekki.

20- Taha Ahmed Al-Shaikh.

21- Ahmed Jassim Mekki.

22- Hassan Mansour Mekki.

23- Ali Ahmed Habib ‘Aashoor.

24- Ahmed Sa’eed Ahmed Mattar.

25- Mohsen Ebrahim Hassan Al-Majid.

26- Jassim Mohammed Ahmed Falah.

27- Ahmed Mohammed Falah.

28- Hussain Abdulla Khalil.

29- Abdulla Yusuf Mohammed Ali.

30- Mohammed Habib Abdul-Aziz.

31- Mohammed Abdulla Kadhim.

32- Hafiz Hussain Mahfouz.

who have been accused under charges of incineration that resulted in subjecting people’s lives and properties to hazards on farmlands, residential buildings, vehicles, boats and movable chattels owned by farmers as well under the charges of destruction of farms exploiting the unrest that prevailed in the area, also under charges of possession of incendiary (Molotov) cocktail bombs (for purpose of using them in order to inflict damage on people’s lives and on private and public properties.
All these acts took place in order to carry out purposeful terrorist act(s) in order to scare people in addition to participation in public gathering with the purpose of breaching security and public order. The court has ruled in favor of acquittal of the accused persons from the charge of the formation of and the joining into a gang.
The indicted persons have the right to appeal the verdict(s) before the High Court of Appeal (through the normal courts) reliant upon the (Decree-by-Law No. 28 for the year 2011). The court session was attended by representatives from human rights’ societies, the media as well as relatives of the defendants and the plaintiffs.

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