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The Military Prosecutor states verdicts
01 : 59 PM - 29/09/2011
Manama, Sept. 29 (BNA) -- The Military Prosecutor Colonel Dr. Yussef Rashid Flaifel stated today that the National Safety Court today issued verdicts in the following two cases :
The first case is the murdering of policeman Ahmad Ahmad Al Muraisi deliberately while he was on duty in Sitra by using two cars in a terror act which is a violation of laws and endangering the lives of people , spreading terror and fear as well as obstructing the public authorities from carrying out their duties . Those involved in this case also protest in public areas disturbing public security. The Court issued unanimously sentence to death for defendant Ali Yusuf Abdulwahab Al Taweel and Life imprisonment to defendant Mehdi Ali Attia.
The Second case is occupying Salmanya Medical Complex (SMC) also under charges of possession of incendiary (Molotov) cocktail bombs and some unlicensed light weapons to topple the regime as well as confiscating medical equipment ,spreading fabricating stories and lies and violating laws and regulations in order to disturb public security and commit crimes for terror reasons and here is the following sentences against those who are involved in this case :
1-Dr. Ali Al-Ekri ( 15 Years imprisonment)
2-Dr. Nader Diwani ( 15 Years imprisonment)
3-Dr. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Omran ( 15 Years imprisonment)
4-Dr. Mahmoud Asghar ( 15 Years imprisonment)
5- Rola Al Saffar ( 15 Years imprisonment)
6-Dr. Abdulkhaleq Al-Oraibi ( 15 Years imprisonment)
7-Dr. Ghassan Dhaif ( 15 Years imprisonment)
8-Dr. Bassim Dhaif ( 15 Years imprisonment)
9- Sayed Marhoon Al-Wedaie ( 15 Years imprisonment)
10-Dr. Nada Dhaif ( 15 Years imprisonment)
11-Dr. Fatima Haji ( 5 Years imprisonment)
12- Dheya Ibrahim AbuIdris ( 5 Years imprisonment)
13-Dr. Najah Khalil Al-Haddad ( 5 Years imprisonment)
14-Dr. Saeed Al-Samahiji ( 10 Years imprisonment)
15-Dr. Zahra Al-Sammak ( 5 Years imprisonment)
16-Ali Hassan Alsddi ( 15 Years imprisonment)
17-Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahimn ( 15 Years imprisonment)
18-Hassan Mohammed Said ( 10 Years imprisonment)
19- Mohammed Faiq Ali ( 5 Years imprisonment)
20-Qassim Mohammed Omran ( 15 Years imprisonment)
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