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First Instance Safety Court issues a number of verdicts
02 : 14 PM - 04/10/2011
Manama, Oct. 4 (BNA) -- The Military Prosecutor Colonel Dr. YousifRashid Flaifil announced today October 4th 2011 that the FirstInstance Safety Court issued verdicts on the following cases:

First Case: regarding the number of outlaws that kidnapped the PoliceMan Moh'd Nayef Al Falah on his way to work and held him captive in one of the accused house blindfolded and theuse of force and threatening to harm him significantly where one of the offendersnamed Moh'd Habib Miqdad instigatedthrough his speeches that were delivered in Gulf Cooperation Council Roundabout(Al Farooq Intersection) demonstrations to abuse and harm any policemen as wellas abducting them, where such crimes were committed for terrorism and police abusingand retaliation reasons, the Court ruled against the following offenders with15 years' imprisonment:

1. Yousif Radhi Mansoor

2. Moh'd Ali Ahmad Isa Al Malali

3. Mustafa Abdul Jalil Radhi

4. Hassan Ali Hassan Al Qaidoom

5. Ridha Hassan Radhi

6. Mahdi Abdul Nabi Ahmad Nasser

7. Waheed Hassan Al Manawi

8. Jasim Moh'd Ali Al Hayaki

9. Moh'd Habib Al Safaf ( Al Miqdad)

TheCourt ruled the following as not guilty:

1. Naeema Radhi Mansoor

2. Abdullah Isa Al Mahroos

3. Nasser Badir Al Ras

The courtreferred the jurisdiction of Moh'd Ali Abdullah case to the ordinary courts.

Second Case: regarding the numberof outlaws that kidnapped the policeman Saif-Allah Moh'd Ibrahim, after thedecision of attacking and abducting as many policemen as possible, the victimwas abducted near his home late at night, after identifying his position thepoliceman was beaten, tied up and dragged into a car that driven him to the GCCroundabout (Al Farooq Intersection) where he was presented to the huge crowdthat gathered there, then the policeman was held prisoner in SMC, some offendersstole and hid his car and money, where all these crimes were committed forterrorism purposes in order to intimidate and terrorize the security men aswell as hinder the performance of their duties. The court has ruled thefollowing defendants with 10 years' imprisonment:

1. Moh'd Habib Al Safaf (Al Miqdad)

2. Fat'hi Mansoor Omran Salim

3. Ali Jassim Ali Jawad AL Muqahwi

4. Abdullah Hassan Abdullah Al Yousif

Where theCourt ruled the following as not guilty:

1. Aqeel Ahmad Ali Mahfoodh

2. Jameel Ali Salman Al Oqayfa

3. Fakhri Abdullah Rashid Khalil

Third Case: Regarding thoseoutlaws that promoted overthrowing the regime and changing the political systemof the country by force and illegal means that included rallies, illegaldemonstrations, resisting arrest, disobedience and calling for strikes duringworking hours, as well as broadcasting false media and malicious speeches on the GCC roundabout and a number ofnews stations that contained incorrect information of the internal situation inthe Kingdom of Bahrain, all illegal actions were taken in order to sow panicamong citizens, residents and harm the public interest. Several fabricated picturesand scenes were transferred to external media to that does not reflect realityto harm the reputation of the Kingdom, in addition to a number of protests thattook place at public areas with purposes of breaching security and publicorder, where the court sentenced the following offenders with 10 years'imprisonment:

1. Hadi Moh'd Al Madrasi

2. Ali Ahmad Kadhim Mahfoodh

3. Abdullah Ibrahim Ahmad Saleh

4. Sayed Mahdi Hadi Ridha Ibrahim

5. Jassim Ali Ahmad Yousif Al Dumistani

6. Talal Abdul Hamid Moh'd Al Jamri

The courtsentenced the following with 5 years' imprisonment:

1. Yassir Abdullah Ibrahim Saleh

2. Moh'd Ibrahim Hussain

3. Ali Masha'allah Ali

4. Jafaar Abdullah Hassan Ali

5. Edrees Abdul Husain Habib

6. Habib Abdullah Hassan Al Jamri

7. Abdul Adheem Ghuloom Abbas Darweesh Al Muhtadi

8. Moh'd Ali Ali Abdullah

Wherethe court ruled the following as not guilty:

1. Kamal Ahmad Kamal

2. Adel Ibrahim Ali Al Jamri

3. Khalid Majed Ameen Moh'd

4. Hassan Abdullah Abdul Kareem Ali

5. Ghulam Khair Allah Moh'd Mohammady

6. Fadhil Ahmad Ali Al Mahfoodh

7. Sayed Hadi Ridha Ibrahim Al Mosawy

8. Sayed Moh'd Ridha Murtadha Ali Abdi

9. Habib Darweesh Mosa Ghuloom

The Military Prosecutor confirmed that theconvicts have the right to appeal the ruling to the National Supreme Court ofAppeal based on the regular criminal courts of the Decree Law No. (28) for theyear 2011, as well as appeal to the Civil Court of Cassation.

The hearing was attended by representatives ofhuman rights associations, as well as representatives from the media and anumber of the defendants and victims' families.

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