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First Instance Safety Court issues verdicts
12 : 17 PM - 05/10/2011
Manama, Oct. 5 (BNA) -- The Military Prosecutor Colonel Dr. Yousif Rashid Flaifil announced today October 5th 2011 that the First Instance Safety Court issued verdicts on the case of number of outlaws that tried to set Al Khamees police station on fire and destroying the building,

the defendants had agreed on preparing homemade explosive Molotov's as well as using metal bars and stones, the incident occurred after they managed to block the main streets that led to the station with garbage bins, they started throwing those bricks, stones, metal bars, and Molotov's towards the building.However, the crime was stopped by the intervention of police officers, the defendants had also participated in protests and demonstrations with intentions of committing crimes and breaching security and public order, they possessed explosive Molotov's that endangered the lives, public and private property, therefore the court has sentenced the defendants with 5 years':

1. Hussain Ahmad Hassan Ahmad2. Ali Abdul Hussain Ali Al Muqabi3. Hussain Moh'd Ali Moh'd4. Ali Moh'd Ali Moh'd5. Khalil Ibrahim Salman Sabt 6. Hussain Moh'd Hussain Al Moh'd7. Ali Moh'd Hussain Al Moh'd8. Ahmad Abdul Ridha Ramadan9. Mahdi Jameel Yousif Yousif10. Hassan Mahdi Al Eskafy11. Ibrahim Khalil Sabt12. Ahmad Khalil Sabt 13. Abdul Jalil Ridha Mansoor

The Court issued a 1 year imprisonment on the following:

1. Ahmad Al Sayed Mustafa Ma'atooq2. Thu Al Faqar Abdul Amir Naji3. Qaissar Haydar AbdulZahraa Mukhtar4. Muhannad Shakir Ibrahim Hassan5. Ahmad Moh'd Ali Moh'd6. Moh'd Jafaar Abdullah Ali

The Military Prosecutor confirmed that the convicts have the right to appeal the ruling to the National Supreme Court of Appeal based on the regular criminal courts of the Decree Law No. (28) For the year 2011, as well as appeal to the Civil Court of Cassation.

The hearing was attended by representatives of human rights associations, as well as representatives from the media and a number of the defendants and victims' families.

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