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"Democracy can't be achieved through violence and blocking roads", US Congress members said
10 : 30 PM - 16/10/2011
Manama-Oct 16(BNA) Democracy can't be achieved in Bahrain by resorting to violence and blocking roads, which may put the country on the brink of "civil war".
Three members of the US congress defended the right of Bahrain to choose the type of democracy that best serves the interests of its people.
They voiced their stance during a dinner banquet hosted by the Bahrain American Council in their honour, marking their visit to Bahrain.

"We don't want to impose our democracy on the region, for it needs a great deal of time to mature and take root", they said, pointing out that peaceful means only make difference when it comes to voicing demands.
U.S. Congressman Eni Faleomavaega said that he believed in the democracy which the wise leadership sees best for Bahrain.
He stressed the importance of promoting democracy by co-opting all people and institutions, instead of seeking to impose individual visions or resorting to non-peaceful means.
Responding to a question on whether the US democracy suits the Arab World, he dismissed any intention on their part to impose their country's democracy on the states in the region.
"Central Asian countries haven't matured for democracy as they broke away from the now-defunct Soviet Union twenty years ago. Afro-Americans started casting ballots after 150 of bitter struggle, although the US constitution stipulates the right to vote for all citizens", he said. Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey said that real democracy can't be achieved through riots, road blocks, stressing that peaceful means mark tangible difference. US Congressman Donald Payne stressed vital US interests in the region.

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