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Tunisian Party rejects sectarian acts of sabotage in Bahrain
07 : 21 PM - 20/11/2011

Tunisia: Nov. 20 -- (BNA) The Political Bureau of the Tunisian Al-Nahda Party reiterated that the unfortunate incidents that took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain during February and March 2011 were riotous acts of sabotage by sectarian elements who had nothing to do with the Arab Spring and even defamed Arab revolts.

This statement was made during a by the Political Bureau during a meeting they held with a delegation from Mabadi Human Rights Society - a Bahraini NGO- currently visiting Tunisia to explore with Tunisian counterparts the exchanging of viewpoints and to inform them on the facts of incidents in Bahrain and boost coordination and cooperation relations between NGOs in the two fraternal countries aimed at the protection of human rights at various levels.

The Political Bureau of the Al-Nahda Party rejected Iranian interventionism in Bahraini affairs and considered Bahrain as an integral and inseparable part of the Arab nation. On the other hand, head of the delegation of Mabadi Human Rights Society Abdulla Faisal Al-Dossary conveyed felicitations on behalf of Mabadi Society and other Bahraini civil society organizations to the Tunisian Al-Nahda Party on the success of the peaceful Tunisian Revolution which is a truly patriotic revolution that emanates from a huge national consensus and expresses full popular willpower and represents all spectrums of the Tunisian community in such a way as to preserve human rights and dignity and protect public liberties and achieve progress and development for the brotherly Tunisian people without risking any foreign or external interventions.

The delegation informed Al-Nahda Party about the facts of incidents in Bahrain and reviewed a number of events and turning points undergone by the Kingdom of Bahrain since the Februaray and March unfortunate events and their impacts which resulted in creating a rift and divisionism in the local community which has never happened before for Bahrain's tolerant people.

The delegation rejected politicization of human rights issues and exploiting them to achieve agendas and goals to the detriment of civil peace and infliction of many violations against human rights and victimization of children and women cheating them into unlicensed political demonstrations in contravention to International Human Rights Charter and conventions as well as encroachment against public health facilities, usurping the right to an appropriate education, blocking public roads using steel, timber and pouring oily substances on roads to jeopardize the lives of unwary citizens without any lawful cause.

Mabadi Human Rights Society expressed admiration with the philosophy of Al-Nahda Party which created national consensus and their policy of extended hand as well as jointly working with all national forces, emphasizing that the Al-Nahda Party possesses progressive ideology and a pioneering national plan which will definitely achieve development, growth and prosperity for the Republic of Tunisia and brotherly Tunisian people.

The meeting was attended on behalf of Al-Nahda Party by Executive Office member cum Head of the Political Department Nour El-Din Al-Buhairi, Political Bureau member Mohammed Mohsin Al-Sahbani and Political Bureau member Murad Al-Budairi.

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