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BICI Report: Iran Officials and Media Played an Inciting Role
07 : 31 PM - 23/11/2011
Manama, Nov. 23. (BNA) – The final report issued today by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) refuted many claims and allegations made by Al Wefaq Society, particularly those regarding "enforced disappearance" "Despite claims made by Al Wefaq, there were 'enforced disappearance' cases," the report said.
Concerning the outside factors, BICI's report indicated that "The fact that there is no clear evidence of Iran's direct involvement does not mean that it does not exist," adding that the National Security Agency said that it is difficult to provide evidence for national security reasons. The report also asserted that official Iranian media and Iranian officials' statements played an inciting role in the recent events.
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