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BICI chairman regretts the stance of Bahraini opposition political societies
12 : 35 AM - 30/11/2011
Manama, Nov. 29 (BNA) -- Chairman of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni‬ has regretted the stance of the Seven - Bahraini opposition political societies by not cooperating and not taking any positive steps towards the national reconciliation and national interests.

Bassiouni said to Al Hayat Newsaper‘’ I wished that BICI report will be the basic for the reconciliation as it was accepted by His Majesty by making clear decisions as well as the the rest of the Bahraini people, but عnfortunately the seven opposition political societies did not accept it, which makes me feel that they don’t care about the reconciliation, peace and security and what they really care about is political gains which is the same game we are witnessing in Lebanon.”
Bassiouni felt that there is a lack of trust between some categories of people in Bahrain, he noted “Building trust is very important, which requires time, strategic and scientific foundations to benefit from international experience”. He added “What does not work, some say that families visit the Sunni Shia families, or vice versa, these visits do not build confidence”.
He noted that Iran “exploit conditions of Bahrain and the region of interest”, and as mentioned in BICI report that “without doubt Iran has a media role in Bahraini crisis”. He continued “Iranians are trying to exploit the region for their own ... and if they control the oil in the region they will no longer need the atomic bomb.”
Bassiouni added that the forces of Peninsula Shield does not interfere in the affairs of Bahrain, adding that it has entered a distance of 36 km and lived in special camps “did not intervene and did not see one of their faces”.
He considered that the request of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in the preparation of fact-finding report is an important legal and political event. He said “I guess it is first in the uniqueness and excellence in the region, the first time the state to automatically initiate the formation of an international investigation committee in the internal events.

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