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HRH Addresses the World on Human Rights Day
07 : 33 PM - 08/12/2011
Manama, Dec. 8. (BNA) – The noble principles embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) reflect the spirit and conscience of humanity, His Royal Highness Premier Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said, asserting that countries' implementation and commitment to those principles will consolidate human dignity and rights.

Addressing the world on international Human Rights Day, which falls on Saturday, December 10, 2011, HRH Premier indicated that the world is currently witnessing major and successive changes, which requires the International Community to enhance cooperation and coordination in order to work out common visions in order to consolidate and promote human rights.

"Bahrain has always been –and will remain- strongly resolved to carrying on its efforts aiming to promote human rights culture, safeguard national unity and social cohesion and meet the aspirations on which the Bahraini people reached consensus, without excluding or marginalizing any social group, within a comprehensive national framework bringing together all social spectra," HRH Premier also said.

HRH Premier also pointed out that the landmark development and modernization project, spearheaded by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has prioritized promoting human rights culture, in theory and practice, as reflected in the National Action Charter and the Constitution which venerated those rights and made them governing principles of all practices, explaining that the Kingdom's constitution says that "People are equal in human dignity, and citizens are equal before the law in public rights and duties. There shall be no discrimination among them on the basis of sex, origin, language, religion or creed."

Citing the recent incidents that gripped the country, HRH Premier said that the kingdom faced a serious situation requiring it to take the same distance from everyone, fulfill its obligations of ensuring the security and safety of its citizens and, at the same time, allow all sides to express themselves freely as long as they adhere to peaceful and civilizational means guaranteed by the constitution and the law.

"The Kingdom has implemented and promoted democracy and launched the development march a long time ago thanks to the strong will of HM King Hamad who took the initiative and paved the way for creating an atmosphere that allows all sides to take part effectively in the nation-building march.

"What the kingdom went through recently represents a major historical turning point that enabled everyone to draw important lessons on top of which the re-assertion of national fundamentals and the need to support HM King Hamad's approach in respecting human rights and dignity of Bahraini citizens and the creation of a secure and threat-free atmosphere," HRH Premier added.

HRH Premier also described HM King Hamad's decision to establish the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) as a "courageous" one, which, he said, enabled the kingdom to present a "unique" example of transparency and fairness.

HRH the Premier also asserted that the Kingdom accepted the BICI's final report "open-mindedly" and set up a Government Committee to scrutinize the recommendations and a National Commission to determine ways of implementing them, reiterating the government's strong resolve to translate those proposals on the ground and submit a number of legal amendments to the National Assembly for the joint interests of the Bahraini people.

HRH Premier also commended the "Wise steps" taken by HM King Hamad to address the effects of the recent events and restore national cohesion, citing HM the King's decree establishing the National Victims' Compensation Fund, which, he said, is a living proof of the kingdom's keenness to upgrade and enhance its democratic experience in order to meet the expectations of its citizens.

HRH Premier also asserted that the government has been committed to respecting human rights through the different international conventions it has had access to and its keenness to include the basic principles of UDHR in its constitution and laws, stressing that the government is resolve to continue consolidating and promoting human rights culture across the kingdom, which is reflected in setting up the Human Rights and Social Development Ministry, charged with putting forth a national strategy to consolidate human rights in the kingdom, and the establishment of National Human Rights Authority which, he asserted, is an independent body with its own by-law and operates according to the Paris Principles underlining the standards required by national human rights institutions to effectively fulfill their role.

HRH Premier also hailed the role played by the civil society, NGOs and human rights organizations, stressing that they can help ensure that human rights are respected provided that they adhere to the principles of impartiality and objectivity and don't violate the law.

HRH Premier also highlighted the essential role played by mass media in enhancing and promoting human rights, indicating that choosing “Social Media and Human Rights” as the theme of this year's Human Rights Day is testimony to the power of social media in this arena.

In regard, HRH Prime Minister also pledged that the kingdom will move forward steadfastly in consolidating the atmosphere of freedom and openness, and will continue guaranteeing freedom of expression for all as long as they commit to the law and genuine values.

He also vowed that Bahrain will adhere to its international responsibilities and commit fully to the human rights standards and enhance its cooperation with international organisations, in line with its constant keenness to maintain its effective partnership with the International Community and upgrade its contributions to the activities of the United Nations and its programmes and agencies.


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