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Bahrain's diabetes rate drops
09 : 01 PM - 11/12/2011
Manama: Dec. 11 – (BNA) The Kingdom of Bahrain’s diabetes rate dropped 3 ranks meanwhile seven countries climbed : Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia with Bahrain assuming eighth position globally-speaking in terms of diabetes ailment spread.
According to recent statistics announced by the World Diabetes Federation, the Kingdom of Bahrain dropped from fifth to eighth rank worldwide in terms of diabetes spread although rate of contracting the disease are maintained at the same rate of 19.9% globally-wise.
According to the medical director of the Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center Dr. We-am Hussain the report of the international diabetes federation forecast the rate of diabetes spread in the Kingdom of Bahrain by 2030 to reach about 20.2%.
The drop of the Kingdom of Bahrain three ranks below its international level is ascribable to its success in limiting the spread of diabetes amongst citizens and expatriates through the adoption of an integrated therapeutic regimen which contributed by limiting the occurrence of new cases of diabetes and finding the required treatment.
Dr. We-am pointed out that the number of diabetic patients around the world according to latest figures for 2011 reached 366 million diabetic cases of whom 80% are in low- and medium-income nations and that the figure may double by 2030 (about 553 million diabetic cases) which means one out of 10 adults or three new case to occur every ten seconds or approximately 10 million new cases of diabetic patients per annum.
Dr. We-am Hussain pointed out the International Diabetes Federation revealed the existence of 183 million cases of diabetic patients who did not know they have the disease most of whom have (diabetes mellitus) type (B) diabetes.
On the other hand, the Gulf Diabetes Center (Bahrain) participated in the activities of the International Diabetes Conference held in Dubai recently with participation from 15,000 consultants and specialists from all over the world.
Dr. We-am chaired the conference’s first session which discussed medical studies submitted by consultants on the topic of “Modern technology for the treatment of diabetes”.
The international diabetes conference, according to Dr. We-am Hussain, is held once every two years and is held this for the first time in the Arab world, pointing out that diabetes is the commonest incommunicable ailment in the world and the fourth or fifth leading cause of death in high-income nations and that there is a big clue that the disease is endemic in developing and newly industrialized countries.
According to Dr. We-am Hussain, diabetes is one of the most difficult problems which awaits to be solved in the twenty-first century.
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