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A Bahraini photographer escapes almost certain death
06 : 12 PM - 21/12/2011
Manama: Dec. 21 – (BNA) A well-known professional Bahraini photographer Abdullah Al-Khan has luckily escaped almost certain in a muddy spot on the northern coastal line as he was taking snapshots of an aesthetic wooden house which cast its image on the watersurface.

Akhbar Al-Khaleej (Arabic-speaking newspaper) issued today (Wed. 21 Dec. 2011) said that three children and two adults were able to salvage photographer Al-Khan in the first 15 minutes. Al-Khan had gone to Al-Dair coastal strip so as to take some professional snapshots of a wooden house. After taking a number of good shots of the house from across the street, he wanted to take a lovelier image of the house from the seaside. As there was only one spot to which he should go in order to be able to take the best shot, he cautiously made his way to that specific spot which ostensibly looked dry but no sooner had he gone down than he was swallowed by a quagmire. He began to struggle to free himself from the clutch of mud for fifteen minutes but all his attempts to escape were in vain. So, he had nothing left but to succumb and so he recited the "testimony": (there is but one god Allah and Mohammed is His Prophet and Apostle). Suddenly, he heard footsteps as three young boys approached the mire in which he had fallen, so he gathered all his remaining power and yelled for help. The boys aged between 10 and 12 came to his succor.

One of the three boys threw a water hose to which the drowning guy could cling and another shouted for passers by and hailed a car from which two men dismounted and gave a helping hand throwing a rope to which Al-Khan clung thus they were able to drag him out of the muddy trap to safety. (IY)

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