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First School in Bahrain/Report
06 : 52 PM - 22/12/2011
Manama, Dec 22 (BNA)-- In 1919, the dream of Bahraini people, especially those of Muharaq, to launch the educational process in the Kingdom, was turned into reality when Al hidaya Al Khalifiya school for boys, the first of its kind in Bahrain, was built.
In 1921, a second school was built in Manama named Al hidaya also, it was first started at a large rented property which was used earlier as the Headquarter of US Hospital, while in 1927 two more schools were built, one of them was in Hidd and the other was in East Riffa, all four schools were named Al Hidaya Al Khalifiya, but in later times, each of these schools carried the name of the area it was located at, except for the first school in Muharaq, still carrying the same old name, , “Al hidaya Al Khalifiya”.

Between 1935-1936 the first school was built in village of Sitra, two year later two more schools were built in Budaya and Khamis.
Regarding the first school for girls, built in 1928 by people’s efforts and participation, it was a historical event at that time not only in Bahrain, but in the whole region.

At the beginning the school was located at one of Al-Zayani family’s buildings, and then in 1932-1933 it was moved to another building and was named Khadija Al Kubra.
(By Ahmed Nader Al Kohaji, BNA Kids Correspondent)


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