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Higher Education collaborate with University of Edinburgh
02 : 48 PM - 09/01/2012

Manama, Jan. 9 (BNA) -- The Minister of Education Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Noaimi met with delegation from the University of Edinburgh led by the University's Director for Academic Quality Mr. Bryan Martin, and David Griffiths, Knowledge Management along with Dr Riyadh Yusuf Hamza Higher Education Council secretary and a number of the ministry's officials.

This came at the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education and the University of Edinburgh to create a "network of scientific research" in the Kingdom of Bahrain, that links the scientific research institutions of higher education in Business and Industry, similar to that applied at the UoE which is considered the oldest university in Scotland, and the first in this field with an international reputation of innovative research in various fields.

This agreement came within the 2030 vision of the Kingdom where the Ministry is commited to ensure quality performance of highe educational institution of their academic and research role that befits their position and excellent performance of their role in order to reap benefits to their students and courses of study in relation to the industry and commerce in which this network would pump knowledge and expertise that will contribute in building Bahrain's economy.

Noting that the knowledge network provides a non-competitive framework in which companies and selected institution cooperate in gathering information and knowledge, skills and expertise in response to specific challenged, that would develop an effective solution that would benefit all those included.

The Ministry's is committed to benefitting from expertise of well-established international educational institutions in order to improve the output from higher educational institutions in compliance with the Higher Education Law and regulatory code.

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