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Public Security Chief: Current Security Situation Stable
06 : 23 PM - 15/02/2012
Manama, Feb. 15 (BNA) -- Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al-Hassan confirmed that the increased presence of security personnel all over the Kingdom is only a pre-emptive measure aimed at promptly and efficiently tackling any unlawful or violent acts of sabotage , and emphasized that the security situation is now calm and stable.

Major-General Al-Hassan told Bahrain Television today that the stepping up of security measures comes after receiving tips that acts of violence and vandalism are likely to be committed, and that in the light of such information a security plan has been put in place adding that the plan has been applied to lawfully counteract any lawbreakers.

A number of saboteurs had earlier attacked public security personnel stationed all over the Kingdom whose task it was to safeguard citizens' lives and property. Vandals used Molotov cocktails and metal rods in a bid to create roadblocks but their attacks were foiled as they were arrested.

Major-General Al-Hasan added that some saboteurs attempted to disrupt movement on Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway either by walking out from their cars or driving too slowly.

The Chief of Public Security explained that the article 8 item 9 of Traffic Law for the year 1979 stipulates that the exploiting of a vehicle to hinder traffic on the road is illegal and can result in a 6 month prison term and/or BD100 fine as well as confiscation of the vehicle and driver’s license.

Major-General Al-Hasan added that the saboteurs committed other acts of vandalism and set fire to an electric transformer in Mughsha area by throwing Molotov cocktails and assured that security forces are now tracking down those involved in order to bring them to justice as soon as they are arrested.

Major-General Al-Hassan confirmed that the situation today is stable all over the country, and that employees went to work and students attended school as usual, and assured that such acts of vandalism are contradictory to the Bahraini people’s nature, as the outlaws target civil peace and security. He lhailed His Majesty the King, His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince as well as public security personnel who maintain law and order.

Major-General Al-Hasan urged citizens not to be misled by purposefully-fabricated rumors and some hostile media broadcast aimed at misleading public opinion and causing chaos. NF/IY
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