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HM King Hamad Issues Three Royal Decrees
06 : 02 PM - 16/02/2012
Manama, Feb. 16. (BNA) – His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa today issued Royal Decree 18 for this year appointing Major Ibrahim Habib Al Ghaith as Inspector-General at the Interior Ministry with the rank of Undersecretary.

In Decree 20, HM King Hamad renamed the Central Informatics organization as the "Central Informatics and Communication Organisation" (CICO) and its President as President of the Central Informatics and Communication Organisation.

In article (2) of the same Royal Decree, items 3 and 4 will be added to article (1) of Royal Decree (13) for 2008 as follows:
3. Directorate of Wireless Licenses, Frequencies and Control
4. Directorate of Communications.

In article (2), everything that contradicts with the provisions of the Decree will be cancelled.

In Royal Decree (20), the Board of Directors of the Medical Professions and Health Services Regulatory Authority was re-formed as follows:

Dr. Wahid Ali Agab, from the BDF Hospital, will be Board Chairman, Dr. Qassim Omar Aradati, from the private sector, will be Deputy-Chairman, Dr. Ibtissem Mohammed Al Dallal, from the private sector, Dr. Tariq Mohammed Said, from the private sector, Dr. Imtithal Anwar, from the Health Ministry, Mrs. Fatima Abdulwahed Al Ahmed, from the Health Ministry and Dr. Adel Abdulla Bucheeri, from the Health Ministry, will be members for a renewable three-year term.


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