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Formula One Comes Back
08 : 13 PM - 29/03/2012
By Huda Al Shamlan
Manam, March 29 (BNA) -- After great effort and tremendous energy Bahrain hosts the Formula One Grand Prix Race again, with a big cheer of happiness from all citizens and another one from neighboring peoples. The Formula One has in the past years become part of the annual life of Bahrain, part of its modern culture and identity as the first Middle Eastern country to bring this wonderful event to the region.

The Bahrain Grand Prix, sponsored by Gulf Air, made history in 2004 as the first Formula One Grand Prix to be held in the Middle East, fighting off fierce competition from elsewhere in the region to stage the race, all countries hoping for the prestige of hosting such an event, and succeeding even furthermore by gaining an award for the "Best Organized Grand Prix" by the FIA.
Needless to discuss are the successes of seven years of Bahrain Grand Prix races, every year bringing not only a grand and prestigious event that puts the country in the spotlights of the sports world and its people in a celebratory spirit each time but also brings endless opportunities to both the country and its people, from boosting tourism to bringing forth foreign investments, a fact that has provided working opportunities and economic growth to benefit all.
So unfortunate it was when the Bahrain Grand Prix Race was cancelled last year, even more unfortunate were the events that lead to that. Bahrain had gone through a rough period of time in 2011, but the comeback of the event of the year is proof that our beloved Bahrain can, is and will always be moving forward and in alignment with the progression of the rest of the world, that Bahrainis will, at the end of the day, always put their differences aside and unite in their love for their country, and the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix is the perfect event to set the ideal mood and the ideal scene for unity. The excitement, the anticipation, the economic opportunities and the festive events and shows that are all steady companions to the Grand Prix every year are sure to unite us.
All of Bahrain is preparing, getting ready to welcome back this event, its officials and participants with passion and a great enthusiasm, anticipating the comeback of the thrill of a mere three days that starts some time before the actual event and lasts a good long time after. Bahrain is in celebration, and the days grow nearer as we bid farewell to March, a month that was rich with Spring of Culture events, and welcome with open arms April, the bringer of the Formula One Grand Prix Race with all its related events and excitement. This event that unites us in our passion for thrill, bringing all Bahrainis closer: a whole Nation in Celebration, a slogan adopted for this year's Formula One Race, a short assortment of words fit to express my personal feelings and those of many more others, on the return of the event that has brought happiness and success to our beloved country for years past, and hopefully will continue to do that for more years to come.
Almost no effort was needed to get people to express their opinions on this matter, everyone so willing and enthusiastic that words so easily came to them, many twitter hashtags solely dedicated for this purpose were created: #BHF1StillOn - #F1inBahrain - #BahWelcomesF1 - #UniF1ed - #BHF1Entertainment, and more. Included below is only a small portion of what I'm sure how the whole nation feels, opinions of Bahrain's popular social networkers on twitter, and even one from a neighboring country:
"I'm very happy and excited about the return of the Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. It's one of the biggest highlights that I look forward to every year. To me the Formula One is more than just a race, it's about the experience! I love how every year I get to experience different international acts performing throughout the race event from human beat-box artists & acrobats to various Formula One racing exhibitions. Not to forget platinum selling artists like Timbaland, Flo Rida, Akon… and much more all for FREE!!
Aside from the entertainment aspect of the Formula One, there is no denying the amount of business an event with such size brings to the country. People flowing in from all parts of the world to attend the race & business owners get to take advantage & showcase what they have to offer. I remember getting introduced to new projects happening in Bahrain every year I take a step inside the "Invest in Bahrain" exhibition during the Formule One race event.
No single event comes even close to what the Formula One has to offer. It's the perfect fun-filled event for the whole family. I eagerly await April 20-22, 2012!"

"Once again we found ourselves holding our breath waiting to hear news about the on again / off again Formula One saga... As if the last experience was not traumatic enough. We couldn't just wait idly wishing for a miracle... We had to make it happen so we campaigned and we tweeted and posted on Facebook pages... When the news came it was like sunshine after a long bout of rain... We finally saw the fruits of our labors and the feeling is absolutely phenomenal.
The Formula One for Bahrain is more than just an annual event. After the unfortunate events of 2011 it has become a victory, a lifeline, a shred of hope for the people who have nearly lost it. The Formula One race is a sign that Bahrain will recover more strongly than ever. It is looked upon as the event that will reunite us and give us a reason to forget the past and move on.
I don't enjoy motor sports and only attended the Bahrain Grand Prix once but I sure appreciate it more now and especially that it placed this tiny island on the world map and attracted many foreign investments and tourism."

"I really can't wait to hear the engines roaring in our beloved BIC, the event is way more than just a race, the amount of people and organizations working together to get a successful event turns the race to something that everybody wants to participate in. The benefits of Formula One days aren't only economically anymore; we are hoping to see the Bahrain Grand Prix as the successful end of our political issues.
For me, BIC is considered a second home, a place that we shared a lot in with many people. I see this year's Grand Prix as something that my home Bahrain deserves after the stressful past year it has been though. Can't wait to hear the Formula One drivers make some noise in Sakheer!"

"I'm really glad the Formula One is back as I have never attended this international event before, and when I was planning to actually attend last year it got cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances. I am looking forward to the Formula One coming back to Bahrain with extreme enthusiasm because it represents a form of unity and brings people together, and shows that Bahrain is doing better, something we all hoped and prayed for. As we lack such sources of entertainment in Saudi Arabia, the Formula One will bring the two neighboring countries together at the event of the year! We all need a rush of adrenaline, fun and excitement and that is what the Formula One will give us.

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