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Bahrain embassy impasse in London diffused following Metropolitan police intervention, said MoFa official
01 : 45 PM - 18/04/2012
Manama, April 18 (BNA)-- Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFa), Ambassador Adbullah Abdullatif, meeting the press in Bahrain this evening, said the two miscreants who had climbed on the roof top of the Bahrain embassy in London had been brought down at 1.45 pm.
The incident was diffused following negotiations with the two by the London Metropolitan Police. “The Bahrain authorities refrained from forcing any decisions on any of the British authorities. The two were then taken into custody. We will follow the case in detail,” he added.
The undersecretary commended the efforts of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Iian Lindsay, and that of the British government in solving the muddle without much delay.
The MoFa undersecretary told the Bahrain News Agency that the government was taking all possible measures to avoid the recurrence of such incidents in the future. “We are using the good services of our friends in the UK and the Ambassador of the UK in Bahrain, with who I had a meeting this morning.”
He added that while the government was aware that there are important steps that need to be enforced to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had pointed out to certain measures that needed to be adopted by the British government, he said and added, “the British government and the ambassador here have assured that they would meet our requirements. They have agreed to increase the security around the embassy.”
The area where the Bahrain embassy is located also has seven or eight other embassies and the government has agreed to ensure the security in this area is beefed up, said Abdullatif.
“We have advised all our embassies abroad to adopt necessary precautionary steps to ensure protection.”
Asked about the incident, the undersecretary said that the miscreants scaled the rooftop of the Bahrain embassy by jumping off the rooftop of the neighbouring building. There was renovation work being carried out in that building. “Their evacuation, however, went off without much fuss,” he said.
Asked if the two would be extradited to Bahrain to be tried here, he said, Bahrain respected the sovereignty and sanctity of the British law and are therefore not taking any hasty decision. The two violated the laws by first climbing onto the rooftop of a building without permission from the building authorities. Next, they went ahead and violated the international convention – the Vienna convention -- by jumping on to the rooftop of the Bahrain embassy. “We appreciate the way the UK police and the government officials there have cooperated with the Bahrain government in diffusing the situation and wait for them to carry out their duties.”
The two, however, could not pose any major hazard since they could not enter the embassy offices, he said. They had no access to enter the embassy. Meanwhile, Bahrain Ambassador to the UK Alice Sama'an and all the staff have resumed their ordinary work unhampered.
In the aftermath of the terror incident, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the hope that concerned British authorities would reconsider granting political asylum and ensure this right is not abused by certain individuals to damage Bahrain's interests and attempt to defame its reputation abroad, misusing the scope of freedom.
It underscored the conformity of Bahrain's constitution with the right of opinion and expression through legitimate channels, without resorting to means which violate the international law and damage joint inter-state interests. The ministry has also announced that it would follow-up on the issue with the British security and judicial authorities for an update on developments.
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